Want to Contribute in Saving Nature_ 6 Easy Ways to Try

‘Earth is dying’, ‘Earth is the only livable planet’, “Our environment is deteriorating’. These phrases are not new to us. We all hear them and know in our hearts that these statements are true. Yet, every day our decisions lead towards increasing the problems for our environment.

Whether it’s using a plastic bag or ignoring thrash, out of the garbage, thinking it is not our problem. Yet it is!

The challenges plaguing the Earth seem daunting because they are. However, if every one of us bands together and make small changes, we can make our Earth a haven again. Wondering what you can do in your daily life? Here are a few changes that you can make for a healthy environment.

1 Make better coffee choices

We all love coffee, and for many, their day does not start without grabbing a cup of coffee. How is coffee harming the environment? In these ways:

  • After brewing, the remaining ground coffee is thrown out, which increases waste.
  • Using plastic coffee pods increases the use of plastic which is challenging to recycle.
  • Coffee cups/straws that you get in the cafe are plastic.

How to change your coffee habits for a better environment?

  • Use the remaining coffee ground for growing herbs.
  • Biodegradable coffee pods from Australia are a better substitute. It uses aluminum which makes it easy to recycle, and you get to enjoy a delicious cup of joe.
  • Take cups/tumblers from home to cafes. Or switch to reusable straws or cups, which many cafe owners now provide.

2 Conserve water

Our body is 70% water, and even Earth is 71% water. However, only about 3% of Earth’s water is fresh and safe for drinking. Thus, understanding the importance of water and conserving it is essential. Every day we hear news of people fighting over water and others dying without water. Yet, we continue to waste it. Here are a few ways to conserve water:

  • Reduce shower or bath time.
  • Remember to close the tap while brushing, shaving, or washing dishes.
  • Recycle home water. Do not throw away the wastewater from the purifier. You can use it for gardening or washing dishes.
  • Repair any pipes or faucets that leaks.

3 Say no to plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pollution. Thus, you need to reduce the use of plastic and gradually cut it entirely out of your life. Tips:

  • Get wooden toys for kids and not the plastic ones
  • Always have a reusable cloth grocery bag with you. It will reduce the need to get groceries in plastic bags.
  • Replace all plastic cutlery with reusable ones.
  • Get rid of plastic containers, water bottles, and replace them with glass. Using plastic for holding food can lead to health issues too.

4 Drive less

Every household has a car or two. It is a great convenience for us but a nuisance for the environment. Too many vehicles on the road increase the emission of carbon dioxide, not ideal for Earth. Solutions?

  • Walk where you can instead of driving. People take their vehicle out even for going to a shop which is like a block away.
  • Take a car-pool to the office as it saves money and fuel.
  • Instead of driving a car or motorcycle, drive a bike. Great for your health and the environment.
  • Take public transport whenever you can.

5 Plant more trees

It is sad to see so many trees die every year to accommodate human beings. To make homes or offices, we tend to cut trees down. It leads to an imbalance in the environment and also takes away the home of animals.

  • Thus, try to find better solutions instead of cutting down trees.
  • Also, plant more trees in your backyard. It will give you fresh air always and being in nature heals you.

6 Conserve electricity

Manufacturing electricity takes a lot of energy and fuel. Thus, reduce your energy consumption by following these rules:

  • Turn off fans or lights when not in use
  • When not charging your laptop, take the plug out and turn the switch off.
  • Use fluorescent lights.

Every positive change you make will have an impact leading to beautiful things. Keep making worthwhile changes, and others will follow suit.


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