How to Leverage Leaflet Distribution for Corporate Event Promotions in Sydney?

When organising a corporate event like a trade show, product launch event, company milestones events, golf events, or seminars and conferences, you want to make sure people know it. Promoting an event in a busy city like Sydney can be a tough challenge.

According to a recent news report, Australia has a #36 billion event industry. Corporate events can drive outcomes that cannot be achieved at the office or virtual meetings through Zoom.

If you want to spread the news about your corporate event far and wide, consider leaflet distribution Sydney. Despite the arrival of digital marketing channels, this traditional advertising method still packs a punch. Here are some ways to leverage distribution for corporate event promotions in Sydney.

Start Early

Sydney has a land area of 12,368.2 sq km, and the current population density per square kilometre is 430. If you want to reach a broader audience, you need to start the leaflet distribution early.

According to marketing experts, you need to start promotions at least three months before the corporate event. One advantage of starting early is that you can run multiple deliveries in areas like Cobbitty-Leppington, which has around 32,151.

According to a report, Australians are busy people. The report mentions Australian businesses reported 134 million days of accrued leave. When you start promoting early, people have enough time to block the calendar to attend your corporate event. They will have adequate time to arrange for babysitting and make practical plans to attend your event.

Repeated Drops

As mentioned, multiple deliveries can be an excellent strategy to make an event successful. The repeated leaflet distribution in Sydney should be well-planned and executed flawlessly to promote the event. The repeat drops of leaflets should have enough time between deliveries. Also, you could have different leaflet designs for repeated drops. It will help create excitement and local awareness that cannot be achieved through other channels.

Understand Your Audience

Sydney is home to several ethnic groups like English, Australian, Chinese, Irish, and Scottish. According to recent data, the population of Sydney is around 17,252, and the median age is 30. Of the total population, males constitute 51.1%, while females constitute 48.9%. Before planning leaflet promotions, you should spend time to know who your target audience is in terms of ethnicity, sex, and age.

It would help if you researched where your target audience lives, works, socialise, shops, and which places they visit. Also, find what they watch, read, or listen to. The data collected through research can be used to concentrate leaflet distribution efforts.

Hand Out Leaflets on Streets

If your target audience is found on the streets during the day, you can hand out leaflets on the streets. Sydney has several road intersections where you can meet a large number of people in less time.

Some of the busy road intersections in Sydney are Sunnyholt Road/Westlink M7 in Blacktown, Kamikaze Corner” Barrenjoey Rd/Plateau Rd/Old Barrenjoey Road in Bilgola, Honorable Mention – Anzac Parade/Gardeners Road.

Before distributing leaflets at these intersections, check with local authorities and learn about the bylaws for these areas. Many people refuse to take flyers from passers-by. Hence, it would help if you talked to people to gauge their interest before handing out leaflets of your corporate event.

Go for Small Size Leaflets

When handing out leaflets on streets, you need to think about the size of the leaflet. Large leaflets have the highest drop rate; it means people will discard them. Credit card-sized flyers have the lowest drop rate, and most people will keep them in their pocket and retrieve them when they have free time to read them.

Post to Your Customers

An obvious method of leaflet distribution is posting them to existing customers. However, while doing so, check the Australian Consumer law about promotions. The advertising and marketing communications industry in Australia is regulated, and the promotions need to adhere to the Code of Ethics directed by the Australian Association of National Advertisers.

Use the Leaflet Insert Method

Australia has two national and ten regional newspapers. It also has 35 regional dailies and 470 suburban regional newspapers. You can follow the leaflet insert method in which the leaflet is inserted in the newspaper distributed in targeted areas.

Sponsor an Event

If you want to reach a wider audience in less time, you can sponsor any event and distribute leaflets to the people attending the event. Sydney hosts many sporting events around the year.

During summer, water sports, tennis, and cricket sports events are organised at the local level. During winter, the National Rugby league attracts millions of spectators.

To sum up, these are some ways to leverage leaflet distribution for corporate event promotions in Sydney.