Secure, Fast & Reliable Hosting Providers in India

Whether you’re on a venture to set up own online business or uplift the growth of the existing one, without a reliable and potent web hosting provider you can’t reach the goal. But how would you justify a server as reliable, since the market is preponderant with hundreds of hosting providers? If this is the problem, you’ll get a thorough guidance from this article which has highlighted top 7 web hosting providers in India. So, let’s unfold the names but before stepping down into the main discourse quickie read these following parameters.

How to identify a trusted web hosting provider?

The main task of a web hosting provider is to ensure a website’s overall security when a user is on it. Since a website is subject to millions of browsing each day, parameters you must be aware of duly purchasing a service provider are

  • Features

Whether it’s supported by FTP access, trusted domains, SSL certificate, WP tools etc.. As these features play pivotal roles in accelerating security of the website and emphasizing business value.

  • Uptime speed

Good uptime speed ensures liability of a website to the users. If the uptime percentage is above 99% then undoubtedly it’s a sound hoster.

  • Budget affordability

How cost effective the service is. Majority of credible providers charge Rs. 70-80/month.

  • 24×7 customer support service

 Top 7 web hosting providers in India

  1. Hostagtor

One of the oldest web service providers in the country and famous for excellent cloud hosting packages. Diverse extensions, encrypted DNS management tools and secure domains substantiate the credibility of Hostagtors among clients from a long time.

Major features

  • 100 GB cloud data storage and 100 GB file transfer
  • Free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, WP management tools
  • Unlimited email bundles
  • 9% uptime speed
  • 10x website page uploading speed
  • Popular hosting inclusions are
  • WP hosting, Joomla hosting, Magento hosting etc.
  • Linux based service providing
  • Price starts from Rs. 99 onwards

–       Free cPanel and website migration

–       Secured domain service

–       Data centre in Mumbai, India

–       45 days money back guarantee


–       No network SLA


  1. Hostinger

Another top best value web hosting provider in the country which is significantly renowned endowing best service for minecraft web hosting plan. As per the report from its internal team, each day around 15000 new users subscribe for its service.

Major features

  • 30 GB to 200 GB cloud storage
  • Free email bundles, SSL certificates and domains (.com, .in, .online, .tech etc)
  • 50% uptime speed
  • Average speed is 99 ms and upload speed is 0.55 second
  • Plan starts from Rs. 79/month

–       Fast upload and uptime speed

–       Free registered domain for each website

–       Free SSL and Bitninja security

–       Free access to Zyro tool to website setup

–       30 days money back assurance


–       Lacking advanced features


  1. Godaddy

Exclusively popular to generate registered domains and WordPress management support, Godaddy is absolutely remunerative in shaping the venture of your enterprise. Besides getting access to hundreds of domains, you will also be allowed to customize your own domain name. There are several discounts & Godaddy Coupons that you can avail to make your purchase a smoother experience.

Major features

  • 30 GB cloud storage data access, 20 GB data transfer
  • Average speed is 111 ms in India
  • Fast uptime speed
  • Online started bundle starts from Rs. 54/month
  • Basic plan cost from Rs. 99 onwards

–       Fast webpage upload speed

–       Rigorous security

–       Trusted and cheap access of domains

–       Free tools for web designers

–       24x7x365 customer support

–       Amazing reseller plan


–       No access to video consultation

–       Economy plan deters unlimited website access


  1. Bluehost

Bluehost has surpassed quite an sufficient time in India and drawn attention for business tycoons already. Despite fast uptime speed and page upload, the web hoster has remarkably been accoladed for best WordPress management service and SEO tools.

Major features

  • Best WP management service since 2005
  • Free SEO tools, domain and SSL for 1 year
  • Fast uploading page at a speed of 40.5 ms
  • 100+ WP theme and 1 click installing
  • Plans available from Rs. 179.month

–       Free secure CDN cloudflare

–       99.9% uptime speed

–       24×7 customer support

–       30 days cashback assurity


–       Website transfers are not free

–       Backup is not available


  1. Bigrock

This colossal web hosting brand in the country has hosted over 6 millions websites till the time. The giant hoster is well known for dispensing authorized domains, web hosting plans, professional emails and VPS hosting plans. Side by side it also aids service for a few value added services namely WHIOS, DNS management and premium domains.

Major features

  • Average speed 104 ms and page uploading speed 0.74 ms
  • 1-3 websites access
  • 20 GB storage and 100 GB to unmetered bandwidth data transfer
  • Affordable budget starting from Rs. 99 onwards

–       Budget effective

–       Synchronized with advanced features


–       No support from SSL certificate

–       PHP7 and SSD implementation do not exist


  1. Greengeeks

California based hosting service is capable of splurging your website’s speed in an eco-friendly way. Followed by cutting edge data technology the server also has energy efficient data centres in various parts of the US.

Major features

  • Ultra speed data transfer at 208 ms and 0.68 page uploading speed
  • uptime speed is 99.8%
  • Sustainable WP management tool
  • 300% energy efficient, optimum lightspeed, SSD storage, power cacher technology support
  • Plans start from Rs. 295 onwards

–       Unlimited data support, bandwidth transfer

–       Free Linux and cPanel support

–       Free daily backups


–       No data hub in India


  1. Dreamhost

Dreamhost has the acclaimed reputation to aid brilliant services in all cloud related services namely shared cloud hosting, dedicated cloud server plans and so on. Apart from it, the server has also proved potentiality to serve valid WP management bundles.

Major features

  • Fast performed 100 Gbit data transfer
  • 99% SLA uptime guarantee
  • speed is 1180 ms and uploading speed is 2.35 seconds
  • Maximum 100 GB SSD storage and maximum 500 GB premium bandwidth
  • Cloud plan starts from Rs. 99.month

–       Unlimited data transfer and storage

–       Incorporation of block storage


–       Comparatively low upload speed

This was the list of best fast and reliable hosting providers currently leading in India. Give it a try any of these and assure their service on your own. Best part is, all these providers roll up enticing discounts despite the main price. Hence, boost up your website’s performance with any of these without being confused.

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