Conrad Energy signs 104MWh battery energy storage order with GE Renewable Energy

Conrad Energy, the UK’s largest flexible power producer, and GE Renewable Energy are delighted to announce the signing of a major framework agreement for the design, manufacture, and supply of GE’s battery energy storage system in the UK. This agreement reflects the commitment of Conrad Energy and GE to supporting the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy and is the next step for Conrad Energy in the build out of their growing 500MW battery pipeline 


“Battery storage systems are starting to play an increasingly important role in enabling the proliferation of green energy across the UK. Their ability to not only store energy but provide grid stability products such as frequency support, contribute to ongoing energy security as the UK creates a future fit power infrastructure”, says Steven Hardman, Conrad Energy’s Managing Director.  

“We are delighted to be working with GE whose approach provides flexibility to operate in different markets while, importantly, also having the ability to add more hours of storage in the future as the market matures. We are convinced that battery storage has a fundamental role to play in the UK’s transition to net zero and are excited to continue the build out of our portfolio.” 


GE Renewable Energy was selected by Conrad Energy following a robust tender process and contract negotiation. The equipment will be deployed on several portfolio sites from Blackpool to Basingstoke. Deliveries will commence in mid-2022 with all projects targeted to be operational by the end of 2022. 


“GE’s experience and expertise in Power System integration and development is well recognised”, says Duane Longthorn, Head of Procurement” We are looking forward to working with the team to utilise our relationship in building out these projects in 2022.” 


“The energy landscape is undergoing an unprecedented shift that creates both new challenges and opportunities in how power is generated, transmitted and distributed. Battery energy storage represents a key part of the energy transition and we are glad to be working with Conrad Energy to help deploy these systems with our technology” says Prakash Chandra, Renewable Hybrids CEO, GE Renewable Energy. 


The sites will be featured by Reservoir Storage Units of various sizes, from 7 to 30 MWh each. Reservoir Storage solutions are a flexible, fully modular and compact new generation product by GE, suitable for AC or DC coupled architectures which combines GE’s advanced technologies and expertise in plant controls, power electronics, battery management systems and electrical balance of plant. 


“This project with Conrad Energy is a further demonstration of the technology and innovation in GE’s Energy Storage systems with the design allowing for flexibility and optimal performance to meet demanding requirements from customers” says Gianpaolo Giuliani, Energy Storage Sales Director, GE Renewable Energy. 


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