6 Quick Things to Know About uShip

Whether you’re packing up your entire house to move across the country or need to ship some refurbished furniture to a customer, uShip can connect you with the right carrier in no time at all. Its easy-to-use platform makes it simple for anyone to find and compare quotes from multiple carriers. Here are six things you should know about uShip before using the service.

#1 – uShip Is a Marketplace

First off, what is uShip precisely? Contrary to the initial impression, uShip is not a shipping company. It’s a shipping marketplace that connects shipping companies to people and businesses who need their services. So, when you’re booking a shipment on their website or mobile app, uShip doesn’t actually transport the cargo – it’s the middleman. Instead of scanning through multiple websites, compare different shipping businesses in one place. People can find, book, track, and pay for a shipment all in one place. If you want to know more about the company and how it works, check some uShip reviews online.

#2 – Compare Quotes Quickly

Secondly, uShip lets you request a quote in under five minutes. Users are prompted to create a listing that includes what they are shipping, the city they are shipping from, and the destination city. You’ll then see quotes from at least five different carriers to choose from. After reviewing each company, you can select the one you want to work with and get the ball rolling.

Next, you load an advance payment to your account stored in your account until your cargo is delivered. This protects you and the shipping company. The carrier can rest assured that you have the funds to pay for their service, and you have peace of mind knowing you only pay after your goods have been delivered.

Unfortunately, uShip doesn’t vet the carriers, so the burden is on you to research companies before booking with them.

#3 – Ship Anything, Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of a shipping marketplace is that you can ship anything, big or small. By connecting you to a large network of shipping businesses, you can find carriers specializing in shipping small or large things.

For example, if you need to transport an RV from California to New York, you can look for companies that have transported boats before. Simply look through the shipping company’s reviews to see if they’ve shipped RVs before and how they handled it. Or, if you need to move specialty items like pets or other animals, you can find animal carriers as well.

#4 – Track Your Shipment

Most shipping companies generally provide a tracking ID that allows you to see where your shipment is. uShip is no different. In fact, its mobile app lets you track your package from the moment it’s picked up until it is delivered. Instead of tracking the individual package, the uShip app tracks the carrier’s location through their phone. Tracking only works if the driver has Location Sharing enabled on the app and if their phone is on.

The app automatically sends push notifications upon pick-up and delivery. Even so, carriers may opt out of live tracking. If you’d like to track your cargo throughout its transit, you should search for bids that specify they have enabled Location Sharing.

#5 – Cargo Insurance

Every shipment you book through the marketplace comes with a special “Ship with Confidence” Guarantee. If your cargo suffers damage while in transit, you can claim for a loss of up to $500. If your cargo is worth more than $500, you may want to look into uShip’s cargo insurance options.

uShip offers additional cargo insurance powered by Lloyd in London. Each tier has a deductible that insures your shipment while it’s in transit. The lowest deductible is $50 and offers insurance up to $1,000. The cargo insurance increases depending on the value of your shipment. There are a few exceptions that are not eligible for cover, so be sure to read through its policy before booking.

#6 – For Individuals and Businesses

The uShip service isn’t only for individuals. Businesses that regularly dispatch goods to customers can use the shipping marketplace as well. Consultants work with your business to automate your logistics process and find you the best deals. There are also several customer service options to make your life easier. Not only can you chat with a representative, but you can also send emails and even fax messages if that’s what you prefer.


With over 41,000 shipping pros nationwide, uShip has developed a simple platform that gives you all you need for transporting. If you’re in need of shipping or logistics, uShip might be the right solution for you. It’s free to list your shipment with no obligation or commitment, making it worth the try.

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