Unveiling Meme Marketing Best Practices that Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level

If your brand is hoping to reach and engage a younger demographic including Gen X and millennials, it is of pivotal importance to focus on speaking their language and using forms and tools of communication that are commonly used by these demographics. Even though things, such as emojis are not conducive to marketing, memes could prove to be effective and just perfect for your startup promotions and campaigns.

A meme is a video or image with some text associated with some pop-cultural reference. Moreover, a meme leverages humor cleverly for making a point. According to an expert on Forbes, a meme is a behavior, idea, or style disseminating from one individual to another within a specific culture. Moreover, memes are popular ideas followed or imitated since they are known for striking a common chord. Memes are instrumental in boosting the chances of evolutionary survival.

It is always a good idea to be thoughtful and wise in your approach while using memes in your marketing strategy. Let us explore some of the meme marketing best practices that startups can adopt and implement.

It Pays To Know & Understand Your Audience

Even though humor is a fantastic way to connect and bond with your audience, often it proves to be a dicey affair to accomplish, particularly if your target audience doesn’t appreciate a similar sense of humor. Numerous memes depend on satire or sarcasm that may not go down well with several age groups or cultures. It is best to know and understand your audience well. Try to find out more about their preferred sense of humor.

You can learn more about their kind of humor by observing things that they positively respond to. Understand what they are used to posting or commenting on. You can consider doing a quick survey to find out about the favorite comedians and comedy movies of your target audience. It can go a long way in shaping the kind of memes you generate for gaining maximum laugh value.

Use the Right Ingredients

There is a perfect recipe for creating popular memes. You may focus on incorporating all the essential elements. The secret to meme success is the perfect recipe or the right ingredients used in the right proportion. The chief ingredients are relatable, easy-to-consume, relevant content, and a visual or image that helps in enhancing the brief content. Every meme should have a specific purpose and theme that complements your brand’s other marketing and promotion campaign themes. Memes should essentially reflect your values and beliefs when you use them in your marketing strategy. Browse through Meme Scout for an extensive collection of the funniest memes of all time.

Conclusion: Infuse a Touch of Originality

As you are utilizing trendy memes for marketing purposes, you need to add some elements of originality into popular memes. Your memes should be an expression of your creativity. Remember that memes are not meant only for bored office workers or college kids. Memes could be used in your marketing stratagem judiciously, provided you follow the best practices and the golden rules of meme marketing.