Vaccinated Travelers are Welcome in the US; US Citizens Have New Options to Travel Abroad

Vaccinated Travelers are Welcome in the US; US Citizens Have New Options to Travel Abroad

Many parts of the world have experienced travel restrictions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting both global and domestic travel. Leisure travel has been on hold in many areas across the globe. With more and more countries starting to relax their entry conditions, travelers are gearing up for more adventures.

Recent news about the US reopening to vaccinated travelers has been met with delight.

Reopening of the US

For several months, citizens of many nations have found it difficult, sometimes impossible, to enter the US. Entry has been limited or suspended to people of any nationality who have been physically present in various countries during the two weeks before wishing to travel to the US. These include the European Schengen Area, the UK and Ireland, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Iran.

The current news indicates a positive change in US entry requirements.

From November, the US will allow entry to people coming from most parts of the world, on the condition they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Vaccinated travelers will not have to complete a quarantine period.

Conditions of Entry

Travelers will need to show proof that they have received a full course of an FDA-approved or WHO-authorized vaccine for Covid-19. Children who are not eligible for the vaccine are exempt from this requirement. Travelers will also need to provide contact-tracing data.

Unvaccinated travelers will remain subject to certain limitations and conditions. Unvaccinated US citizens will also have some restrictions remaining, including showing proof of a negative Covid test and arranging further testing after arrival.

The forthcoming relaxing of restrictions will apply to travelers arriving by air only. Yet, there has been no change for travelers arriving in different ways, for example across a land border. But these recent developments do make the US much more accessible and pave the way for further easing of restrictions in the future.

US Tourism

Vaccinated tourists will find it much easier to access the US after November. This is great news all-around for every sector associated with tourism, leisure, and hospitality.

The recreational boating industry is one such area that is happy to welcome greater numbers of visitors.

There is a large increase in demand for watersports and recreational boating in the US. Indeed, the US is expected to experience the fastest-growing and biggest market across the world, with neighboring Canada and Mexico also seeing growing demand. Outboards are particularly high in demand, with projections that this area remains the largest sector within the broader industry.

International tourists will surely further fuel the industry, which, so far, has largely boomed because of domestic interest. With heightened interest in water-based pastimes among Americans, it’s likely that international visitors will also want to experience boating pleasure.

The country’s many lakes, rivers, and waterways, along with large stretches of coastline, offer prime opportunities for people to take to the waters for fun and adventures while on vacation.

Lifting International Bans for Americans to Travel

With American border restrictions beginning to ease, it won’t be long before other countries begin to follow suit. Some countries’ restrictions have already been lifted, ready for what they hope will be an influx of travelers for the holidays.

Perhaps you want to get away on a leisurely vacation with your family after the turmoil of the last two years. Exciting island vacation spots in the Caribbean are already accepting travelers from the US. Vacation spots like The Bahamas, Barbados, and many of the Dutch Caribbean islands are accepting travelers. Many nations in Europe and Central and South America have done the very same.

Financing Domestic and International Travel Post-Covid

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It’s Time to Travel Again

Options to travel are available and as more countries lift travel restrictions for vaccinated passengers, make certain that you are ready to plan and finance your trip.