Is Fineco the right online platform for you?

Fineco, an Italian bank founded in 1999 and heavily regulated by giant and reputable institutions like the Bank of Italy, is a leader in the world of online brokerage. They offer a variety of assets to invest in, including bonds, stocks, ETFs, and funds in more than 20 markets.

The motto of this online broker is to keep it simple and accessible and offer a wide variety of options, with more than 20.000 instruments to invest in and a variety of currencies. They also want to offer an intuitive experience when it comes to trading, and while their charting may lack a bit of finesse, the tools on their online platform are detailed and useful.

In order to start online trading with Fineco, there are a few requirements to create an account, but then, it’s all a matter of just clicking once and trading the assets you’re interested in trading in the markets of your choice.

While Fineco started in Italy and it’s a huge player in the online trading world there, they have opened a UK branch, giving access to their services to a whole new market of British investors.

While there are some differences between the Italian and British sites, especially where it comes to fees and features, Fineco has proven a useful and efficient broker in both markets, being a preferred option among many types of online traders.

How to open a trading account with Fineco?

Opening an account with Fineco is very straightforward, and while it may take some time for account verification to go through – up to 2 days – once it is active, traders will have access to the full features and services Fineco offers. We should note that Fineco is 100% online, keeping all the tools you need for trading on one single spot.

Fineco is available for residents of Italy and the United Kingdom only.

Advantages of investing with Fineco

One of the main advantages reported by users of Fineco is the wide variety of assets they can invest in, all from one platform and with a very simple and intuitive system.

The second main benefit is the fact that Fineco doesn’t ask for a minimal deposit, keeping investing accessible to all types of traders, big or small.

Other advantages include a very efficient platform that allows traders to manage all their investments easily and in a very intuitive way, as well as a solid background that makes Fineco a safe broker to invest your money with. Finally, it has been mentioned that their fees are either very affordable or inexistent, depending on the asset in question.

Cons of Fineco

One aspect that seems to leave Fineco behind other brokers is the fact that they only accept bank transfers, while many other brokers have adapted to the times opting for payment methods like PayPal.

On a different aspect, it seems that Fineco doesn’t rank very high when it comes to educational tools available for beginner traders, meaning they may need to find the support they need somewhere else. This may not be a problem for those traders with a bit more experience, however, educational tools may be useful for the continuous growth of investors.

Overall, Fineco has positioned itself as a strong brokerage agency with interesting advantages that make it an attractive option for traders looking for a safe and comprehensive broker. Beginners and more advanced traders will be able to find a niche with Fineco and a useful tool to make profitable investments.

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