13 Tips For Designing Your Bathroom


We brush our teeth, get ready and shower on a daily basis, so it is important to design a proper and practical bathroom space. As much as picking out different color schemes and matching tiles are enjoyable, there are other things to consider too. Making a mistake can severely affect your routine and can have long-lasting consequences, but don’t fret, we have listed some tips to help you with designing your bathroom. 

Sliding Doors Save Space

If space in a bathroom is limited, opt for a sliding door instead. It can be really annoying when the door hits the shower or sink when it is open. Instead of having to account for door clearing, a sliding door can help maximize the amount of space in a bathroom.

Get A Shower Door Sweep

A wet bathroom floor is not only a safety hazard but also a damp bathroom mat is a pet peeve for many. Installing a leak-proof shower door sweep below the door acts as a protective barrier and minimizes the amount of water that gets out. 

Arrange The Layout Carefully

A bathroom has to fit the needs of its users, especially if the space is tight. To make full use of the room, you will have to plan the layout with the bathroom utility in mind. Some pointers would be to install the towel holders that are within reach of a person in the shower, and the position of the mirror should be at the right height. 

Get An Exhaust Fan

Everybody loves a warm shower, but that also means that the damp environment might cause mold to form. A well-ventilated bathroom can limit condensation, preventing the growth of mildew, and prolong the lifespan of your bathroom appliances. 

Treat All Wooden Units


Wooden bathroom furnishing is all the rage these days, and incorporating wood can give your bathroom a homey and natural look. Do remember to protect oak cabinets you are planning to install by coating them with a sealant so that moisture from the humidity does not cause the wood to rot. 

Stick To Your Budget

It is easy to go overboard on designing your dream bathroom. Remember to put aside some funds for repair and maintenance too. There might be some unanticipated pipes or moldy tiles that need to be taken care of. Ask your contractors for advice and to recommend some suppliers. They have much more connections and experience in this field and might be able to snag you a good deal. 

Consult Professionals

Getting expert advice will help save you the headache of trying to figure everything out by yourself. Find experts who you resonate with so that they can bring your vision to life, they may be able to point out holes in your plan and come up with better alternatives. Getting an experienced plumber and designer can give solid insight on things you will need to consider to avoid any mishaps in the future. 

Avoid Carpeted Flooring

Carpeted flooring may not be the best idea for a bathroom. The fibers can accumulate a lot of dirt, moisture, and bacteria which is not very hygienic and can lead to a lingering malodor. If an accident occurs, excrement stains will be hard to get rid of, because you cannot just toss them in the wash. If you would like to incorporate texture, get a plush bathroom mat instead, they are washable and can be easily replaced when they get soiled. 

Epoxy Grout Is The Way To Go

Grouting is often overlooked when people tile their bathrooms. Many people focus on getting the right tile but getting the right grout is just as important. Due to the condensation in a bathroom setting, we recommend that you opt for epoxy rather than cement grout. It can last you a long time and it is waterproof as well. 

Small Details Make A Difference

To keep in line with the theme of your bathroom, you can purchase reusable bottles to decant your shower gel and shampoo instead of using the original plastic containers. When shopping for accessories, choose them based on the color scheme of your bathroom. Getting matching towels, mats, and toothbrush holders can make a significant difference to the look of your bathroom, and are relatively inexpensive too. 


Organization Is Key 

There are a ton of things you will need to store in a bathroom, from fresh towels to replacement rolls of toilet paper. Clutter is not only unsightly but can be very inconvenient when you are rushing in the morning. Therefore, it is imperative to effectively plan your space so that you can store extra stuff. For example, a mirror cabinet acts as a mirror and doubles up as a shelving unit that you can put makeup or toothpaste in. Maximize your wall space by installing alcove shelves in the shower or shelving racks above your toilet.

Choose Your Flooring Carefully

We have all heard horror stories of people slipping and falling in the bathroom. While marble or granite flooring would look exquisite with a matching sink, it might be more practical to opt for non-slip tiles especially if the bathroom will be used by older people or young kids. Make sure that the tiles for your floor are water-resistant and durable, if in doubt, ask your supplier if they are appropriate for bathroom floors before purchasing.

Wetrooms Have Pros And Cons

A walk-in shower or wetroom is a popular design trend for bathrooms nowadays. It is a chic and minimalist design option, and when implemented properly can allow you to save space by eliminating the need for a separate shower. In fact, you could even check out these shower room ideas for some design inspiration. However, they are known to be quite tricky to manage because everything gets wet. Proper drainage systems are very important in wetrooms to avoid slipping or flooding. Do consult a plumber and designer to ensure that everything is waterproofed and adequate drainage systems are in place. 



Designing an aesthetically pleasing and practical bathroom can be quite easy as long as you follow these tips. A lot of thought must be put into designing a bathroom because there are a ton of things to consider like safety and utility. Make sure to properly research and explore different designs, do not be afraid to consult a professional if you run into difficulties during the process.