Best curtains for light colored walls

Best curtains for light colored walls

Having white curtains white walls in your house could be boring, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them forever. You have a lot of creative freedom when decorating a house with cream-colored walls.

The walls are a soothing cream, making it simple to showcase your flair. So, let’s look at what curtain colors might go well with your cream walls.

Curtain Color Schemes for a Light Coloured  Walls

A Pair of Gentle Blue Drapes

One of the most adaptable and complementary colour palettes, cream is a great choice for a wall colour. Curtains in a muted blue might be an excellent complement if you’re the discreet kind. The foggy atmosphere is maintained by using a mellow blue colour, which also serves as a visual contrast to the cream.

Curtains in Green

Green is another hue that provides a lovely contrast to the light cream walls. When set on a creamy background, it’s both calming and luminous. Add some greenery and a touch of the outdoors to your decor by placing some tiny potted plants in the room.


Before we get to the deeper colours, I wonder whether there’s any shade that can compare to the boldness and clarity of red. Wine-red drapes on white walls provide a beautiful contrast. In this room, the predominance of white is ingeniously accented with burgundy to create a smart, sophisticated concept, which is unusual since vivid colours are not usually matched with cream.


The stark contrast between the unadorned white walls and the dark brown of the drapes is stunning. The cinnamon brown couches complement the carpet and the rest of the brown and cream colours in the space. Consequently, there is an impression of warmth and openness (thanks to the absence of any dividing walls) (from the browns).

White Drapes

The white curtains white walls may seem dull, but they’re not. These two neutrals work together to provide a layered impression, resulting in a pure, crisp, and clean appearance.

Curtains, Grey

Interior designers’ current colour of choice is grey. Adaptable to every space because of its subtlety, flexibility, softness, and adaptability, it is a great option for redecorating. Grey offers a particular character and refinement in whatever way it is employed. The grey drapes look great against the creamy walls.

Drapes in Orange

As you know by now, grey is a neutral hue; thus, you may intelligently add any bright color to make it pop. You can’t go wrong with a soft cream wall colour and any shade of orange, from tangerine to sorbet.


It’s common knowledge that pairing bright, happy colours with neutral ones makes them stand out even more. This bedroom receives a dose of sunshine with the colour combination, as gentle white walls meet vivid yellow drapes and blinds.

Curtains in Two Colors

To that end, you opt for contrast by using drapes of contrasting colours rather than sticking to just one. White and sea green, cream and brown, etc., are just a few colour combinations you may try. The Indian market likewise has a wide selection of this fashion trend.

Pristine Pink Drapes

It’s a strange yet lovely option to go with. For the walls, use the palest colour of pink or beige to complement the cream. Glaring would be a far more dramatic contrast between the deeper tint and the soft cream wall colour. Again, the whole colour family’s neutrals will work to soften the contrast between the two.

Yellow as Mustard Drapes

Mustard yellow is a great alternative to the standard yellow if that tint is too jarring for your tastes. Mustard yellow is a beautiful, understated hue that blends in discreetly with cream-colored walls.

Curtains with Floral Patterns

Is a pattern what you’re looking for? Then it would help if you had these drapes. The only thing left to do is choose your preferred colour and print. Once again, a standard fixture in Indian households.

Don’t overthink it if you’re still debating whether or not cream paint colours for walls are a decent idea. Because of its neutrality, the cream may be used as a springboard for various colour combinations across various design considerations. Because of its adaptability, cream paint is a popular option among homebuyers. Curtain colours are a great way to experiment with the refined and calming cream hue that Vastu recommends using to produce a sense of antiquity in a room.