Modular Bathroom Interior Design: How to Choose the Best?

Now is the right time to give your bathroom the best makeover it deserves. The pandemic has restricted a lot of our outdoor activities. Despite that, it sure does not stop you from redecorating your bathroom or remodeling it from scratch. 

A modular bathroom is custom-designed to an individual’s liking. It has a wide range of sizes and shapes, fittings, cladding, finishing, and features that are usually built in a factory setting. Once the bathroom units are built, they are then sent to the building area ready for installation.

If you’re into luxury, a modular bathroom helps enhance the quality of your life. One’s bathroom tells a lot about his/her personality. The more stylish and refreshing it is, the more relaxing it is to wash away the stress of every day. 

Designing Your Ideal Bathroom 

As you have already decided to upgrade your bathroom, it is essential to plan in advance to bring your dream bathroom into reality.

A bathroom is a frequently used space in the house and it sure requires planning and execution based on your needs. Space and aesthetics can go hand-in-hand when designing a bathroom. 

Choosing a Bathroom Layout

The aim is to give your bathroom a complete makeover which means you should primarily consider how the rest of the house is designed. Let’s take a bathroom situated in the master bedroom as an example. Imagine the walls are painted with thick blue shade. Think about the color that complements the bathroom as well as the entire room. 

A cost-efficient tip is to check if the fittings in your bathroom are arranged well. If you are just looking to spice up the place a bit more, replacing the fittings will be a better choice. 

Deciding on the Floor Plan

Whether it be a family bathroom, or a couple’s bathroom, deciding on a floor plan gives you an exact idea of how the features fit. 

Some of the essentials like bath, shower, basins, and closets must be arranged properly depending on the size, big or small. Note that even a small bathroom can be designed beautifully and a big one completely out of proportion. This is why mapping out a floor plan makes the whole designing process convenient. 

Choosing the Bathroom Essentials

  1. Bathtub

  • Freestanding Tub is versatile, modern, and the most commonly used style. It is compatible even in a less spacious bathroom. It stands on the heavier side and can be placed at the corner or the center of the bathroom.
  • Drop-in Tub is a luxurious-style bathtub usually built in the corner of the bathroom. Make sure the walls and the depth of the tub are well designed. Depending on the color of the bathroom, you can match the style and the color of the bathtub.
  • Alcove Tub is a classic tub whose three sides are enclosed to a wall. It provides all the comfort a standard bathtub normally does.
  • Clawfoot Tub is similar to a freestanding tub and is larger and deeper than the other tubs. What sets it apart is the varied styles and finishing it offers. Some types include acrylic clawfoot tubs, fiberglass clawfoot tubs, cast iron clawfoot tubs, and the like. 

Modern clawfoot tubs are versatile and are the centerpiece of the bathroom. Every reason points out why it is still popular and is the most preferred choice. It works very well with a vintage or a modern style.

  1. Shower 

Choosing the right shower is just as important as deciding where to fix it. If your bathroom is running out of space, you can opt for a prefabricated shower. But then, it’s better to customize the bathtub with the shower on top of it.

If you can afford extra space in the bathroom, create your own space for the shower. There are electric showers, thermostatic mixer showers, and manual mixer showers. Tip: Consider the shower outlets while picking the shower of your choice.

  1. Vanity 

The key is to avoid cluttering bathrooms with toiletries, bath towels, and accessories. There are wall-hung cabinets, fitted bathroom storage, free-standing furniture to hold all the items and amplify the overall look of the bathroom.

  1. Basins 

Pedestal basins and wall-mounted basins make small bathrooms look bigger. Countertop basins are made to sit above the bathroom storage. Inset basins are so on-trend, offering an elegant look to the bathroom.

  1. Toilets 

Close-coupled toilets are the most commonly used type. Others include back-to-wall toilets, wall-hung toilets, high- and low-level cistern toilets, shower toilets, etc. If you are conscious about saving water, opt for dual flushes.

  1. Taps 

Black taps look striking against white fittings. Chrome and stainless-steel taps add shining effects and are compatible with almost every bathroom style. If you are looking for warmer tones, metallics such as copper, bronze, brass, rose-gold add a chic statement to the bathroom. 

Choosing the Right Flooring 

The tiles that are used on the walls will not be suitable on the floor. It is important to check for floor-slipping to ensure the safety of the children especially, and the durability of the room’s conditions. 

Some of the types include porcelain tiles, rubber, luxury vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, granites, marbles, and engineered wood. Flooring adds color, texture, and dimensions to the bathroom. 

Choosing the Right Bathroom Paint 

To pick the right color, it is also important to check the compatibility of the bathroom walls, floors, and windows. Lighting enhances the decorations and the installations made in the bathroom. It highlights your thoughtfully curated designs. 

Below are some of the themes to give you an idea to design the bathroom.

  1. Let the first place you visit in the morning awaken you with colors and patterns.
  2. Turn your bathroom into a zen-like spa. Invite nature home with the bath bed of pebbles and wooden elements.
  3. If you live in the moment and enjoy life as it is, this contemporary style is the best pick for you.
  4. If life can be black and white, so can your bathroom. Embrace the uplifting benefits of nature by including plants. 
  5. Do not be shy with textures and patterns which are so in trend now, and experiment with colors.
  6. If you believe less is more, opt for minimal accessories and create more space for peace, calm, and balance! 
  7. You can never go wrong with classics. This vintage theme reminds us of old-world charm.
  8. Earthy notes, fine craftsmanship, and sensual ambiance create a warm, nature-friendly vibe. 

Key Takeaway

Every bathroom has its own story and every story carries a piece of the individual, even the whole family. Choosing the right interior design for bathrooms comes from understanding, pairing, and the budget you are willing to spend. 

Accessories play a huge role in creating the style, layout, mood, and overall look of your bathroom. Well-crafted and thoughtfully curated bathrooms make staying inside worth living, even if it is a pandemic.

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