Essential Cleaning Habits To Prevent Pests

Home cleaning is undeniably an unfavorable chore, and while there are several cleaning hacks out there to help you get the work done in less time, the only definite way to remove all the effort from the task is to rely on a cleaning service. However, this is not always an affordable solution for most of us. So, instead of spending a small fortune annually on relying on professionals to keep your home clean and pest-free daily, you should consider adopting these essential cleaning habits.

Never Neglect The Kitchen

The kitchen is the one area of your home that generally requires the most from you. It needs to be cleaned every day, as leaving dirty dishes out is the easiest way to attract various pesky household pests, from fruit flies in a drain to roaches nesting in hard-to-reach places. Even though a kitchen can quickly become pretty messy, the best approach is to rinse off your dishes immediately before placing them in the sink. In addition, you must sanitize all surfaces daily and take your trash out every evening as well. These are essential habits to keep your kitchen free of pests.

Sanitize Your Bathroom Regularly

Merely wiping down bathroom surfaces is not enough. Instead, you must invest in a sanitizing product that will eliminate germs. Your toilet and basin should be sanitized every day for health reasons, while you should also be sure to open the window after a bath or shower to allow proper ventilation and prevent mold-build up. Roaches and flies can also overtake your bathroom if regular sanitizing is not a priority.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpeting anywhere in your home or any area rugs, they need to be thoroughly vacuumed at least once a week. In addition to this, it is wise to invest in a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets at least once every three to four months. Because carpets are breeding grounds for allergens and even some pests, keeping them clean and dust-free is vital.

Never Leave Food Out

Adopting the habit of always putting food away in sealed containers is essential. Whether it’s a leftover meal or a dirty plate left standing in the living room or the kitchen, this is a sure way to attract various pests. In addition, even pet food should not be left out for too long. Food left out in the open anywhere in your home will attract ants, roaches, and even rats and mice.

Keeping The Air Clean

Another sure way to welcome pests into your home is to leave windows open, neglect foul smells, and avoid making efforts to keep the air clean. Instead, consider investing in affordable devices such as humidifiers to keep your indoor air clean, or, if your budget allows, an HVAC unit is the most effective approach. You should also avoid leaving windows open for too long and make use of disinfecting fragrant sprays and scents to repel pests. Smells lurking in the air are not just unpleasant, but they also welcome pests such as flies relatively fast.

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