More window covering with better light control and privacy are the high points of Plantation shutters

More window covering with better light control and privacy are the high points of Plantation shutters

Window coverings are for protection and privacy, but the design of windows and their style contribute to the home’s aesthetics. Window coverings are available in many types like blinds, shades, and curtains. However many homeowners choose shutters because of the flexibility in controlling the entry of light while ensuring varying degrees of privacy as required.

Before you try this company out for shutters, have a clear understanding of its functionality and style so that you can make the right choice. Once you make up your mind about installing shutters, the option is between traditional and plantation shutters in terms of functionality because both types look neat and stylish. Both types offer some advantages, and finally, it is your personal choice based on the preference of the decorating style.

Traditional shutters

The traditional shutters consist of identical design elements like Plantation shutters. Both types consist of louvers that you can tilt and close, like blinds to control the entry of light and ensure privacy. Traditional shutters have smaller size louvers because historically, these were meant for smaller window sizes, which make it quite useful for single windows that stand alone or a combination of several small windows.  Traditional shutters are practical as an insulating window covering, and the vintage style suits homes that have old time décor.

Plantation shutters

As you can make out from the name, plantation shutters were popular in plantation homes in the South. Later it spread across all types of homes due to the versatile styling options with wide louvers. This type of shutter was primarily used on the outside of buildings. But with time, its use in interior settings started gaining popularity due to its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and high aesthetic appeal. Plantation shutters provide good insulation for homes and are efficient in keeping homes cool or warm depending on the weather and the place’s climate. Plantation shutters are now essential elements of interior design due to the various styling options, and it enhances the home aesthetics in many ways.

Plantation shutters are versatile

The versatility of Plantation shutters is evident from its use for large windows where you can never use traditional shutters.  The wide louvers of Plantation shutters swing back and forth, and you can fix it at any angle to control the entry of light or even close it completely to cut off outside light completely. The louver adjustment helps to vary the level of privacy by restricting outside view.

Since Plantation shutters act like blinds and shades, it does not require any additional window dressing, making the room appear larger when you keep it fully open during the daytime.  Despite opening fully, Plantation shutters provide complete window coverage that drapes of shades cannot.

Usually, wooden Plantation shutters are white, although they are available in many color choices using different paints and stains. Synthetic Plantation shutters are made from Vinyl or composite resin-based materials, and all types of shutters can be customized according to the size you need.