Book published this March 2021: Quantum Healing with Nutrition

Newly published Book March 2021: Quantum Healing with Nutrition

A quantum healing guide to address stress, reverse illness, prevent disease, and discover your deepest happiness and potential, using whole foods.


Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK, 27thApril 2021

My name is Helen Barnshaw, I’m a qualified & experienced Nutritional Therapist & Life Freedom Coach. I have just released a ‘5-star review’ book on Amazon, also available world-wide, through the help of Author Academy Elite. I have been working on this book for a few years & had planned to publish & launch it this year anyway, it turned out to be just the right time, as I feel that people will need access to this information more now than ever due to the pandemic & recent events. I have seen studies in the news that have shown people are at an all-time high in stress levels due to lost loved ones, long covid, lost jobs, job uncertainty, & low economy etc. Although things are on the up, it seems that it’s still early days with uncertainty around whether there’ll be another lock-down, & how Brexit conditions will pan out for the economy and so on.

My guide is designed to support people to build a strong immune system, understand & reduce stress, reverse associated illnesses, & reconstruct self-compassion – amongst other things – using wholefoods, natural remedies, nutraceuticals, & other holistic techniques. It is designed as a small handbook to accompany anyone’s life, giving them tips (& additional downloadable resources) to bring them straight to action, so they can begin their healing journey with ease. It appears to have already helped some people, as I have received many 5-star reviews on Amazon.

The guide is broken down into 3 main areas of healing, I believe food is only part of the whole picture. I cover food & body science, guidance in spiritual development, & proven habit building techniques to make their healing accessible in this moment. I believe all the knowledge in the world can’t help us until we decide to put it into action & know how to put it into real practice. Real healing is achieved by doing! I want to help more people get into action with their healing sooner rather than later, so they can live a long & happier life, reach their full potential, & avoid associated illnesses & diseases.

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HBarnshaw Nutritional Healing is a Nutritional Therapist & Life Freedom Coach, helping burnt-out professionals & parents reach full health, happiness, & potential.

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