Best UX Agencies in San Francisco Work with Remote Teams – Here’s Why

Remote work is something most people have gotten accustomed to and used to these days, considering the current pandemic situation. For many UX designers that were used to working in offices, this is an unexpected and challenging change. But, not for UX studios in San Francisco, as the best of them are known for working with remote teams, sometimes scattered all over the world.

There are many reasons for SF agencies to have remote teams. But, to kickstart this article, let’s sum them up into several points. Small design teams help user experience design agencies in San Francisco to:

  • Get better access to great talent;
  • Have fewer issues of dealing with various opinions;
  • Start design tasks quicker;
  • Be able to scale, whenever necessary;
  • Offer reasonable prices to their customers;
  • Get ideas from the outside;
  • Have a diverse corporate culture;
  • Have not as many internal HR restrictions;
  • Not worry about team size and office room;
  • Have a chance to become a global player without having to leave the familiar San Francisco environment.

In other words, when you hire an SF design agency, you get access to more excellent creative talent than you would’ve gotten by hiring pretty much any other design company in the world. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the well.

Why Would a UX Agency Want to Have a Remote Team?

Despite what people might think, and although many great creative designers live all around the globe and choose to work where they live, some teams like to meet, work, and collaborate remotely, even when they are all in the same city. Even in today’s highly connected and cloud-based world, clients are sometimes surprised to learn that an entire San Francisco UX design studio still works remotely.

Below, we will look at several important reasons why San Francisco services often have remote teams.

Reason #1. No Need to Waste Time and Attention on Switching Working Places

Those who advocate for a traditional office setup still claim that you need to be in intimate physical space with those you work with to increase collaboration and socialization. However, a recent study by the British Journal of Psychology found that too often, the traditional office setup can be detrimental to work efficiency as there are more opportunities for irrelevant conversations and time-wasting activities.

In creative jobs, what’s essential for the creative mind is to have the energy and headspace to get creative and play with the possibilities. That’s why San Francisco design studio team members are free to choose where to set their primary workstations where they can have a real chance of igniting their creative side.

Reason #2. Comfortability Boosts Creativity

It’s not surprising to know that everyone is different. And as such, everyone’s take on what comfort is for them is very different from what it might be for someone else. For some, it might be a noisy café, the quiet of their room, or the sunny view from their favorite library spot. For some, comfort might be staying in their house clothes all day; for others, it might be getting all formally dressed and out of the house. The temperature might be essential to keep under control; for others, any weather is fine.

Research has found that those too cold workers made up to 44% more errors and were less than half as productive than their counterparts who were at their comfortable temperature.

User Experience design (UX) is all about being productive. It is crucial for design agencies to let their workers choose which environment feels more comfortable for them, and they do this very well in UX services in San Francisco.

Reason #3. Remote Workers Only Do Meaningful Things During Their Work

If people have to go to a traditional office, they will incur many menial tasks that will waste their time. Things like eating outside of the office, traffic when commuting, doing their hair, makeup, shaving, dressing up with work clothes, etc.

When design agencies let their workers choose their workplace, they allow them to manage more efficiently and decide what menial tasks they want to incur. If a particular designer puts on makeup and drives to a faraway café or co-working space is better for her creative skills, she can do so. Instead, another designer should work from home and save on that precious time while getting more hours of sleep; he can also do that.

Reason #4. Working with Happy People Is always a Huge Advantage

Most people will have hobbies and things outside of work to explore other parts of themselves and add to their mental and physical wellbeing. Especially in creative careers, doing different activities besides your job is essential for building up the problem-solving, curiosity, and creative mindset that these careers require.

In San Francisco, design firms understand this very well, and they encourage their workers to find the time to do all these activities and hobbies. This pays off in happiness, satisfaction, creative spark, and it makes people feel better about their jobs and be better at teamwork.

Reason #5. Ambition and Family Values Don’t Exclude Each Other

Work-life balance is not just something to say you have but don’t have. Finding the time and place to share with your family, fulfill those responsibilities, and be an active member of your family is not always easy, but it is always necessary. Research has found that those who can balance work with a family of two or more children are more productive than their colleagues. When you can work remotely, you can better schedule your day and organize your time and location to better suit your family’s responsibilities and your jobs.

Reason #6. It Helps Planning More Effectively

San Francisco design agencies have full-time team members all over the world. This is because user experience firms are committed to a remote working standard that allows them to recruit self-motivated, results-driven, highly skilled talent, no matter where on earth they live. And when you can recruit the best to do what they do best, you give your customers top-quality work that is not bound to where these team members live.

Despite what people might think, even design companies that require a lot of collaboration between team members have proved that remote work is not something to be feared but something to be embraced. It brings a more excellent work-life balance and keeps the creative spark alive by enabling workers to find what suits them best. UX design agencies in San Francisco remote teams allow greater flexibility, comfort, and creativity, resulting in excellent work and unique user experiences with the best team members worldwide.

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