Toxic Lead – Still Here, Still Harming

·         Reproductive – miscarriage, pre-term birth, low birth weight, delayed puberty

·         Neurological – IQ loss, decreased hearing

·         Psychological – problem behaviours, ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic

·         Cardiovascular – heart attack, stroke, increased blood pressure

·         Renal – reduced kidney function
The LEAPP Alliance is a group of academics, service providers, advocates and parents who are campaigning to achieve improvements in the UK response to continued lead exposure. Our current objectives include achieving:

1.     Screening of children for elevated blood lead concentrations (EBLC)

2.     Research into the prevalence of EBLCs in children and pregnancy

3.     Training and accreditation of employers and workers

4.     Policies to cut lead exposure and toxicity including inclusion in the following:

6.     Provision of more information on the dangers of lead exposure to the following:

a.     Health care providers, particularly GPs

b.     Housing leaders – tenants and housing associations, professional bodies

c.     Tradesmen and DIYers

Lead Exposure and Poisoning Prevention Alliance (LEAPP)

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Notes for editors

This issue is potentially a huge story for the UK – as it has become in the USA. Some say it is the new asbestos.  A great deal has been written about lead poisoning in children and there is extensive research confirming the problem and explaining the solutions. However, UK government agencies’ responses remain one of yes, but it is not our job. The UK has never set a lead reduction target until it has been met. Please consider writing, or commissioning, an article to help fix this problem. Perhaps, like the people of Alameda County, California, “Together we can conquer lead poisoning”. 

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