Reigniting Mums After The Pandemic

It’s time for mums to re-emerge more confident, more energised and feeling better after the pandemic.

Mums have been keeping things together making sure that everyone else is OK and have been supported, putting themselves last.

Mums became teachers overnight.

They balanced work (without the downtime of the commute).

They kept the house going.

They lost touch with themselves because everyone needed them, all the time.

Not to mention…

All the sleepless nights they had worrying about everyone and everything.

and it’s taken a toll.

Mums are coming together virtually for one day to take some time for themselves with the help of a great range of best selling authors and experts at the Reignited Mamma Retreat.

The authors and experts have come together to gift their experience and knowledge to help Mums to be their best and to get ready for life after the pandemic by thinking.

Susie Pearl, best selling author, podcaster and wellness commentator will be helping Mums to approach life differently with her Creative You session.  Kate Bee from the Sober School will be helping mums to Feel Good with Touch Choices for those who’ve made decisions over the pandemic and are wondering just how they’re going to keep them. Psychologist Stacy Moore will be helping mums change their mindset with her Mum Over Matters session.

We’re on a mission to give back to mums who are exhausted, have felt forgotten and taken for granted during the pandemic.

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