How Kunduz Can Help Boost Math Skills After the Pandemic

To say that COVID has had an impact on education would be a huge understatement. The Washington Post recently reported how students’ math skills have suffered because of the pandemic. The old adage, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” is entirely true for math skills after the pandemic.

According to the data gathered by the Northwest Evaluation Association’s MAP Growth assessment, students have suffered about 2-5  months of math learning loss during the pandemic even though they were being taught math virtually during this time through online platforms, websites and video apps.

With nearly a year off from stepping inside a classroom, students came back to school having regressed in their math solver abilities. As kids spent the majority of their time at home during the pandemic, not many parents made maintaining and strengthening math skills a priority in their household.

And who can blame them? High school and college math can be difficult to recall if parents haven’t actively practiced or used these arithmetic equations and formulas recently. Without a qualified educator working with a student one-on-one in some capacity, math can be a difficult subject to master.

Use Technology to Improve Math Skills

Education technology (edtech) is constantly evolving for the betterment of all. Finding answers and solutions for various subjects and topics through technology is one of the best educational advancements since districts have evolved from the one-room schoolhouse.

One of the tutoring apps leading the way in edtech is Kunduz. With more than 35,000 professional tutors guaranteeing a correct answer to a problem in 15 minutes or less, Kunduz can offer math homework help online that can’t be duplicated. The immediacy in solving equations and knowledge shared between tutor and student is key when helping students enhance their math skills.

After all, if a student is struggling with solving an equation, they need the assistance quickly before they move on to another section. Having immediate collaboration with a professional tutor any time of the day or night is pivotal in getting the most out of each lesson.

Low-Cost Subscription Service

With all of the subscription services available in this world, it makes perfect sense that edtech should be right there at the front of the line. Kunduz is much more than a ‘math homework help online’ app as it can help  bolster scores in a wide range of subject areas. While many students do use Kunduz to help solve math problems, tutors are also available to help with chemistry, engineering, and biology. Plus, they do all of this at an inexpensive rate of less than $10 per month.

When considering a math tutor could cost $50 or more per hour, a subscription to Kunduz could prove to be quite invaluable. Signing up for a yearly subscription throughout high school and college would be a wise move. The value of the platform significantly outweighs the low subscription costs. The amount of instant value it brings would be a wise investment for a student’s future.

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