Inspiring marketing campaigns launched in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of brands had to launch marketing campaigns that addressed the virus, and what measures they were putting in place to ensure that everyone stayed safe. However, some went beyond this, creating truly inspiring campaigns during this difficult time.  

From social media, to TV, and delivered by expert agencies such as Clear Channel, here are 7 of the most inspiring marketing campaigns launched in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

1. Uber

 Whereas adverts typically encourage people to buy from a company or use their services, Uber took a unique approach during the pandemic. In reaction to the lockdown measures and restrictions, Uber’s marketing campaign thanked customers for not using their service, with the tagline ‘thanks for not riding with us’. This backed up the government rhetoric and travel restrictions, encouraging people to stay at home.  

2. Lego

Whereas most marketing campaigns during COVID-19 were targeted at adults, Lego decided to reach out to families and kids. Through an animated Youtube video, Lego taught kids how to be superheroes during the pandemic, offering easy-to-grasp tips on how to ensure that everyone stayed safe.  

3. Virgin Media

With the marketing campaign entitled ‘stay home, stay safe, stay connected’, Virgin Media highlighted the many ways that we could stay connected with our loved ones during lockdown. This advert truly summed up the feeling of the Great British public, showcasing some ingenious ways that we  found to keep up to date with family and friends during the pandemic.  

4. Facebook Portal

Similarly, Facebook advertised their Portal by highlighting how their product could be used to keep people connected during the pandemic. These adverts touched on subjects such as new mothers having to get by without their own mum’s support, and keeping in touch with family who live on the other side of the world.  

5. Wagamama

One of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic was, of course, the restaurant industry. In a time where no one was allowed to go out to eat, Wagamama decided to bring their restaurant to the comfort of your own home. Through online tutorials, Wagamama taught the nation how to cook everyone’s favourite dishes in their ‘Wok from Home’ cooking lessons.  

6. Brewdog

After noticing that hand sanitiser was in high demand, leaving average people and health organisations alike with a lack of sanitiser to go around, Brewdog decided to do something about it. Instead of brewing their famous beers, they used their resources to create their very own sanitiser, which they distributed to frontline workers for free. This marketing campaign was so successful that other breweries soon followed suit 

7. KFC

In one of the boldest marketing strategies that you can think of, KFC made the decision to temporarily get rid of their slogan. The fast food giant removed ‘it’s finger lickin’ good’ to emphasise the importance of COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures. As it would not be appropriate to encourage licking your fingers at the current time, KFC have said they will only bring the slogan back once it is appropriate to do so.  

These 7 inspiring marketing campaigns show that transparency and honesty is key, transforming the industry and consumer behaviour for good.  

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