Take the Irish Payroll Survey 2021 in Association with Intelligo and IPASS

A Challenging but Exciting Moment for Irish Payroll

Payroll is central to many of the biggest social, economic and business challenges of our time.

Economies need skilled and productive workers. Businesses need committed and contented employees. Society needs quality jobs and professions. Employees need support and flexibility. Individuals need opportunity and recognition. Workplaces need commitment and ideas.

And everyone needs to get paid the right amount for the right hours in the right way at the right time to make it all happen!

Helping Payroll Rise to the Next Challenge

With this year marking Intelligo Software‘s 25th anniversary, we’ve experienced plenty in our time: the turn of the Millennium, the Dot-com Bubble, the Global Financial Crisis and now the COVID-19 Pandemic. And yet, there is a sense that what lies in the immediate future will be even more momentous. This is why we are conducting the 2021 Irish National Payroll Survey in collaboration with the Irish Payroll Association (IPASS).The waves of change just keep on coming: the shifting nature of work; financial innovation; the skills shortage; the green energy shift; the supply chain crunch; and the Great Resignation. All of these imply regulatory, compliance, technology, talent and delivery challenges for Irish Payroll.

Payroll teams across Ireland have played a crucial role throughout the pandemic by delivering assurance in the midst of uncertainty. And while we are only in the ‘perhaps/maybe’ aftermath of COVID-19, with the virus still waxing and waning, just a few moments taking stock now will help bolster our collective insight, ensuring we’re ready for whatever history throws at us next.

The Irish National Payroll Survey 2021 in Association with Intelligo and IPASS is your chance to help tell the story of where Irish Payroll stands today as we head towards the end of another incredible year. By pooling our experience we can better map the present and plot our way to greater resilience, expertise, innovation and success as a mission-critical business function.

Are you a payroll, HR or finance leader with authority to complete a survey on behalf of your firm? Do you manage payroll or those who do? Then 5-10 minutes of your time will be of major benefit to the Irish Payroll Industry.

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