JAAM Automation announces launch with a focus on turning ideas into automation.

An inspiring new business venture, JAAM Automation celebrated its official launch today with the founding mantra of bringing together great people and great technology, to turn ideas into automation success.

JAAM will enable companies, departments and individual users to be more effective through their automation advisory service, technology offerings, people services and delivery capabilities.

Co-founder, Graham Penman says “It is increasingly evident in today’s landscape that automation is not a one-off exercise, it is an ongoing program of work. We’re delighted to offer market leading membership packages to continually support business as they discover, solve and grow throughout the journey of intelligent automation.”

JAAM have partnered with the best in breed technology vendors to deliver a multitude of capabilities, with a specific focus on Robotic Process Automation, Workflow, Document Generation and Practical Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Co-founder Anton du Toit explains further “There are two key factors to solving automation challenges, people who can solve them and the technology that helps you do it. During many years working in this space, I have worked with a multitude of great people who have had ambitions to use automation to do things better, faster, more efficiently and accurately while in the process saving or making money for their company. Behind all the successes, there were always people with positive ambition and stern resolve to make it work.”

The team at JAAM bring together decades of experience across the technology products that they offer and will provide trusted advisory services to customers, partners and companies alike.

JAAM can be found at https://jaamautomation.com/ and via the following social channels.

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