3 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views (Real and Non-Drop Views)

Looking to track down the best sites to buy YouTube views?  Wondering if it’s even safe to buy large number of views for your YouTube videos?

You and about a million other YouTube channel owners!

Truth is, stacking up real YouTube views is something every publisher needs to do.  With more than 2 billion users spanning the entire planet, competition on YouTube is ferocious.  Getting ahead on the world’s most congested social media platforms lies in the power and influence of social proof.

One major example of which is YouTube views – an indicator of quality and appeal.

Why YouTube Views Are a Big Deal?

Views are an essential component of a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Far from a meaningless number, YouTube views can support your social media engagement campaign in the following ways:

  • The number of views your videos accumulate sends a strong message about their quality, appeal and value.
  • Videos with thousands of views are far more attractive and much more likely to go viral.
  • Popularity generates popularity on any social media network, where stacking up views can make all the difference.
  • More views = a better chance promoted and recommended by the platform’s own algorithm and search engine. Also your channel will be monetized.

The list goes on, but in all instances highlights the potential value of buying YouTube views.

Of course, you want to accumulate as many organic views as possible from your targeted audience.  But making it happen often means doing what it takes to set the wheels in motion manually.

Precisely where the best sites to buy YouTube views can help, which we’ve covered below.

3 Best Websites to Buy Youtube Views

Top 3 Websites to Buy YouTube Views Reviewed

At this point, it’s worth noting that each of the following was evaluated on the basis of several key points.  Authenticity of views, value for money, customer service and so on.

From a recent perspective, anyone looking to buy YouTube views should check out the following three sellers:

Media Mister

It’s hard to fault what’s on offer at Media Mister when you consider just how affordable everything is. This is definitely the best site to buy YouTube views of guaranteed quality and safety, as recognized by reputable news sites such as Timesheraldonline, Washingtoncitypaper, and Guardian. Media Mister is one of the only sellers not afraid to discuss black-hat tactics. They know this sector is rife with spam, and they take a strong stance against it.

All YouTube views from Media Mister are performed by real users in the normal way. They’re basically identical to views you’d attract organically from your target audience.  Only with the difference that you can buy 1,000 YouTube views from Media Mister for a few bucks, for fast delivery.

Their 60-day retention warranty is awesome and there’s a money-back guaranteed too.  Which means you can try them out without having to worry about wasting your money, if you’re not happy with the results.

Media Mister has wide range of cost-effective packages which includes:

1,000 YouTube video views

5,000 YouTube video views

10,000 YouTube video views

25,000 YouTube video views

50,000 YouTube video views

Place your order online in just a few clicks, or contact Media Mister’s customer service team anytime to learn more.

Read this Media Mister Review article before buying.

Buy Real Media

A dynamic and innovative newcomer to the scene, Buy Real Media lives up to its name. Like Media Mister above, these guys are all about keeping things real.  Arguably the best place to buy real YouTube views at rock-bottom prices, alongside a long list of other promotional products.

From plays to shares to fans to followers and so much more, it’s all there on the menu. Buy Real Media offers similar guarantees and warranties to Media Mister, so all sales are covered. They also have a solid reputation where customer service is concerned – both before and after buying.

Perhaps best of all, you can try out what’s on sale at Buy Real Media for pennies. If you’re still not sure about the whole subject of buying social proof, you can find out how it works for next to nothing. Not that the rest of what’s on offer is expensive – it’s all just about as cheap as it gets.


For targeted YouTube views, look no further than GetAFollower.  Definitely one of the best websites to buy YouTube views from specific locations and markets worldwide.  Buying targeted yotube views can be particularly effective, if targeting an audience in a certain geographic location.

For example, if you’re looking to appeal to viewers in the US, it simply makes sense to buy US-based views. This is where GetAFollower outshines most other sellers, with a tonne of targeted products available.

You have to say that their name doesn’t do them justice, as it’s not all about followers.  Far from it, as they can set you up with all the plays, shares, fans, subscribers, likes, comments and so on you’ll ever need. All at great low prices and covered by a bunch of reassuring warranties.

Read this GetAFollower Review article before buying

Why Do YouTube Views Matter?

As touched upon back at the beginning, YouTube views can be surprisingly powerful marketing tool.

Consider the following everyday example to put the whole thing into context:

  1. You’re browsing YouTube for something entertaining or informative.
  2. You come across two videos that attract your attention.
  3. One of these videos has been played 100 times in two years
  4. The second video has been played 50,000 times in a month
  5. Immediately, which of the two are you compelled to watch?

It’s impossible to overstate the power, influence and appeal of YouTube views. They have an instant and profound effect on the viewing decisions of the platform’s users.

Similarly, they also have a major influence over YouTube’s promotional algorithm.  If you want to be recommended on YouTube, you need to look as credible and legit as possible.

Something that becomes much easier, with a whole bunch of views sending the right message.

Who Should Buy YouTube Views?

Frankly, anyone looking to get ahead on YouTube should consider buying views. It’s a tried, tested and trusted strategy for enhancing impact and appeal.

Though there are, of course, some people who could benefit more from initiatives like these than others.  If you fall into one of the following categories (or a combination thereof), buying YouTube views comes highly recommended:

1) Influencers

Across the board, influencers are judged on the basis of one thing – the size of their audience. Buying views can be a great way of boosting the appeal of your content and bringing new followers on board.

Not to mention, significantly boosting the attractiveness of your videos to stack up organic views.  In both instances, this is exactly what you need to become a credible and reputable influencer on YouTube.

2) Content Creators

Most content creators on YouTube have their work cut out.  Competition is so ferocious that even the most outstanding content often goes unnoticed. Hence, doing everything you can to promote your videos is essential.

Each time you publish something you’re proud of, why not buy a bunch of views?  Doing so will not only make it more appealing, but also make it far easier to find in the first place.  Don’t forget – YouTube singles out content for promotion on the basis of metrics like views.

3) Musicians

YouTube has the potential to be an incredibly effective promotional platform for musicians. Though once again, competition across all genres is practically insurmountable. Music videos with thousands of views immediately hit home as the real deal.

You see an artist’s video with a tonne of views, and you immediately assume they’re legit.  By contrast, videos from musicians with just a handful of views scream amateur-hour.

4) Twitch Streamers

It’s become the norm for Twitch streamers to share recordings of their live streams on YouTube.  Something that can be pure gold for marketing purposes, channelling plenty of traffic to future live streams.

With each view, your recorded Twitch streams on YouTube become more attractive. People see how popular your videos are, check them out for themselves and head over to your Twitch channel.  At which point, the rest takes care of itself.

5) Digital Marketers

On a broader basis, anyone who works in digital marketing could find YouTube an indispensable tool. YouTube is recognised as a platform with limitless potential for high-impact, low-cost marketing.

Whether looking to promote a product, a service or a business, YouTube can make it happen for next to nothing.  Particularly if you establish yourself as an authority in your field, which is where views can help. More views = a more reputable and authoritative brand, worth taking seriously.

How to Buy YouTube Views?

As for how to buy views on YouTube the right way, there are a few important points to bear in mind.  Prior to buying even a handful of views for your videos, ensure each of the following has been addressed:

1) Check Customer Reviews

First and foremost, customer feedback will tell you all you need to know about a seller’s credibility. Finding a seller with 100% positive feedback is never going to happen.  There will always be a handful of unhappy the customers in the mix, as with all businesses without exception.

Instead, choose the seller with predominantly positive feedback and an established track record.  If most buyers have been happy with their services, you probably will be too.

2) Ensure the Views Are Authentic

Fake views from spam accounts will not do you any favours.  If anything, they could have the opposite of the intended effect.  You therefore need to ensure that every view you buy is authentic. Buying views safely means making sure they’re real views from real people.

Views that are the same as organic views, aside from the fact that they’re available on demand.  If you suspect the views being sold are fake, take your business elsewhere.

3) Insist on Great Customer Support

Don’t short-change yourself where customer support is concerned.  Remember that there’s always a chance you’ll need to ask questions along the way.  Or perhaps, encounter an issue with the products you bought at a later date.

Check early on how seriously (or otherwise) the seller takes customer service. You’ll also gain plenty of insights into customer support standards while reading buyer reviews and recommendations.

4) Be Sure of Gradual Increasing Views

This basically means ensuring the views you buy are not delivered too quickly. If 10,000 views are added to a YouTube video in a matter of minutes, it’s a red flag for spam. YouTube automatically detects signs of suspicious activity and takes action accordingly. Buying views safely means ensuring that they are added to your videos gradually and at a realistic pace.  Something overlooked by far too many sellers, who focus instead on instant delivery.

5) Check For a Money Back Guarantee

Some of the better social media growth companies on the web are happy to put their money where their mouth is. With a money-back guarantee, you’re covered if things go wrong. You can try out what’s on offer, decide whether it’s legit and get a refund if it’s not.

More importantly, a money-back guarantee the ultimate show of confidence and responsibility from a seller. Refund guarantees are only offered by those who know what they’re selling is worth buying.

6) Make Sure There’s a Retention Warranty

It’s also worth checking whether the seller offers any kind of retention warranty.  In short, this means anything you buy that ‘falls’ within the allotted period will be replaced for free.

If you buy 10,000 views and the number declines within the first few weeks, you’ll get them back. This isn’t something that tends to happen with views, but is more common with things like followers. Still, another hallmark of a reputable seller you can count on.


Tracking down the best sites to buy YouTube views isn’t easy. There’s such huge competition within the space that knowing where your money’s safe can be tricky.

As outlined above, the best way to find a dependable seller is to conduct a few pre-purchase checks.  Read customer reviews and recommendations, make sure they sell 100% ‘real’ views and see if there are any guarantees in place.

Just as long as these few essential boxes are ticked, you’re probably looking at a safe bet.

FAQs on Buying Youtube Views

1) Can I Buy Real YouTube Views?

Buying ‘real’ YouTube views means ensuring the views you buy are no different to organic views.  Your videos are viewed in the normal way by real people with genuine YouTube accounts. Nothing fake, no spam and no automation of the process – 100% normal views. These are the only views worth buying, as they are the only views that are safe and effective.

2) How Much Does Cost to Buy YouTube Views?

Prices vary significantly from one seller to the next, and on the basis of how many you buy.  However, it is perfectly possible to pick up a good handful of real views for just a few bucks.  Even the largest packages of tens of thousands of views can be surprisingly affordable.  Once again, just be sure to check for refund policies and money-back guarantees, before placing a larger order.

3) Where Can I Buy Real YouTube Views?

There are various social media growth companies online that specialise in authentic social signals.  Each of the three outlined above is a safe bet with an established reputation. Where a seller specializes in 100% legit social proof, they’ll make it clear.  By contrast, those who make no mention of authenticity may not be prioritising it as they should be.  Likewise, sellers with suspiciously low prices (i.e. too good to be true) should also be avoided.

4) Is It legal To Buy Views on YouTube?

Yes – buying products and services like these is perfectly legal.  There is also nothing in YouTube’s terms and conditions that outlaws buying 100% legitimate views.  Things only get sketchy where fake views, spam, bots and automation are brought into the mix. If the views you buy are no different to organic views, they’re perfectly legit.  Hence, the importance of prioritising authenticity at all times.