How Can You Maximise Your Work Using Pallet Wrapping Machines?

How Can You Maximise Your Work Using Pallet Wrapping Machines?

In our competitive global world, every business tries to gain a competitive edge by maximising the results of its production, logistics, and distribution. As it turns out, there is one machine, which can maximise these results in all three fields on its own. This is the pallet wrapping machine.

Here is the agenda for achieving result maximisation from your work

Get A Pallet Wrapping Machine

The introduction of machines in the dawn of the industrial revolution more or less has said it all. Machines are much more productive, efficient, and economical than manual labour. However, let us repeat our case:

Prior to the existence of pallet wrapping machines, wrapping, if done at all, was done manually by pallet wrappers. Even today, there are some companies, which consider manual palette wrapping a money-saving alternative to investing in a pallet wrapping machine. Money, however, cannot be saved in such a way. Rather money is lost, as manual labour is extremely less efficient, more prone to mistakes, and much less productive. The result altogether being reduced wrapped pallets, miss-wrapped pallets, and eventually damages to the transported goods.

Improper palette wrapping, or the lack of such, results in low productivity and higher costs. Getting a pallet wrapping machine will strongly increase overall productivity (remember the industrial revolution), boost output and totally eliminate mistakes.

Cut Damages

The above naturally suggests how poorly wrapped, or unwrapped pallets may easily be damaged. The main purpose of wrapping a cargo is to prevent the internal movement of the various components during logistic handling and transport. If this purpose is not met, then the cargo becomes unstable. With unstable cargo, the distance to “damaged cargo” is just a step away.

By using pallet wrapping machines, your goods will be saved, the risks of incurring damages to your cargo during logistic handling will be decreased and overall work efficiency – increased.

Reduce Injuries

Unwrapped pallets, or manually miss-wrapped ones, are one of the common causes of injuries in the handling process. These are by definition unsafe to manipulate and plainly dangerous to all staff involved. People tend to make all sorts of mistakes when manually wrapping a pallet. They tend to over-wrap the middle sections, or they tend to do a poor job at the top (as they do not have a proper working reach) or the bottom of the pallet (as it is more difficult). These miss-handlings in pallet wrapping lead to increased risks when handling, as the goods are not properly wrapped and are by definition unstable.

Furthermore, injuries may not only be caused by unstable pallets. These may occur over time to the engaged personnel. Such are injuries to the back, knees, wrist, fingers, and arms of the operators. These will not only reduce productivity and output but may also result in WorkSafe claims or at the very least – time off work for the injured employee.

By “employing” a pallet wrapping machine all risks of pallet handling are eliminated. This of course, again leads to cost reduction, efficient and safe working teams, and of course – an increase in productivity.

Choose Wisely

The pallet wrapping machine is not a one-size-fits-all. There are various pallet wrapping machines designed to facilitate various individual tasks. Depending on your discrete needs you need to choose the right machine. This could be a pallet wrapping machine with a rotating turntable. These machines have a 270-degree approach to the turntable, which allows for easy and efficient pallet handling.

Or it may be a mobile pallet wrapping machine. This one is useful for larger or heavier pallets, which are difficult to move. These machines are extremely versatile and make wrapping huge cargo an easy and efficient job.

Then again you may choose the fully automated pallet wrapping lines. These are great if your cargo is more or less standard in dimensions and you have many of them. The automated wrapping lines provide the biggest gain in productivity as they are designed to handle high volumes with non-stop operation.

They may reach as many as 60 wrapped pallets per hour! There are off-the-shelf automated pallet wrapping machines, and these may also be designed to fit any production line. The automated machines are much more than simple wrappers. An endless array of features may be added such as weight control, bar-code readers, light alerting, and so on.

Last, but by far not least, you may choose a machine like the automated rotating arm pallet wrapping machine. This one is perfect for unstable cargo. Again it is fully automated and highly productive.

By choosing the correct pallet wrapping machine for the job, you will not only be increasing efficiency and boosting productivity on your shop floor but will reduce, and possibly (with the automated lines) eliminate altogether the necessary operators. Furthermore, some of the machines (especially the automatic wrapping lines) provide more than you have bargained for – they can provide control of the outgoing product.

Reduce Stretch Film

By now, we know that pallet wrapping machines reduce costs, increase speed, work faster, make fewer mistakes and reduce the necessary staff. These machines, however, also reduce the necessary stretch film needed for the wrapping. As the machines are able to make a tight wrapping and strongly decrease stretch film waste, some machines can decrease the necessary stretch film by as much as 50%, compared to manual wrapping!

This, of course, is friendly to Nature and once again reduces packaging costs.


The increase of the results from work by pallet wrapping machines goes hand in hand with the reduction of costs associated with production, logistics, and distribution. All phases of the manufacturing process benefit and cost drop from each stage of the process. Furthermore, safety, nature friendliness, and an overall decrease of operator staff make the work in our shop highly productive, cost-efficient, fast and error-free. Putting it short – maximising the results of your work.

Knowing the benefits, you now need to find your pallet wrapping machine in Melbourne.