Different Types Of Vegan Men’s Shoes

People worldwide are taking on the cause for animals, and thus there is a major increment in the availability of not only vegan food but also wardrobe elements such as vegan jackets and vegan shoes. Music icons such as Miley Cyrus and Hollywood star Joaquin Phoenix are leading people towards vegan products with their amazing wardrobes.

If you are vegan or are against the use of animals for clothing, it’s a good time to shop for vegan shoes!

Be it leather-like vegan boots, or top-of-the-line sneakers, you can find all these styles of shoes in synthetic or vegan leather material. And they are long-lasting as well. Even brands such as Nike have come out with their own line of vegan shoes for men!

From party-wear to casual-wear, you can style a vegan shoe with any look. And with all these brands now operating online, you can get a pair of vegan shoes from the comfort of your home.

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the popular styles of men’s vegan shoes that you can grab today!

Formal vegan shoes

The formal look is one of the most necessary wardrobes any man can possess. And if you are looking to add a vegan touch to it, then there is a large selection for you to choose from. From business shoes to tuxedo shoes, you can find all variants made from high-quality vegan leather. Formal shoes require comfort and vegan leather is absolutely friendly for the skin. You can find them in any vegan store, and you will have a large range of styles to choose from as well.

Vegan formal shoes have been long available even before the vegan movement took on a mainstream role. Resin-based shoes are extremely durable and can make for some of the finest formal shoes you can find. So, make sure to add a pair or two of formal vegan shoes to your wardrobe.

Vegan boots

Boots are the kind of shoes that have always been associated with leather. With the advent of vegan leather, a slew of boot styles was released into the market. Now, one can find literally any style of boots made out of high-quality vegan leather. Vegan boots are not only helpful to the animals’ cause but also to the environment. Processing cow leather, which is the most used leather to make boots, is highly harmful to the environment.

There are many types of vegan leather available, and almost all of them are used to make boots. Make sure to read reviews before you buy a pair of vegan boots because they can be expensive as well. But, boots are the type of one-time investment that a man needs to make!

Vegan sneakers

Well, you’re obviously thinking that sneakers have always been vegan! Not necessarily. There are many components of a sneaker, such as the soles, the under-mesh body, etc. that uses animal products. But, vegan sneakers are some of the best ones in the market as well. This is evident from the fact that you can visit the website of a top-tier brand such as Nike and pick up a pair of vegan sneakers!

Many athletes have supported the vegan cause and lifestyle. So, if you are an athletic person with the need for animal product-free sneakers, you can pick them up right away. And Nike is not the only brand with vegan sneakers in the market. You can find many cheaper brands as well that are just as good.

Vegan wedding shoes

If you live in Australia and are searching online for vegan shoes in Australia, then there are many top brands you can buy from! Wedding shoes have also been traditionally made out of leather. In this case, the switch to vegan leather takes away none of the comfort or style. You will look just as astonishing at the party and vegan leather is extremely durable as well.

If you are vegan then obviously your entire wardrobe is going to be leather-free as well. So, make sure to pick up a good pair of vegan wedding shoes and complete the look. These shoes are available in a range of formal colors and looks, so make sure to pick the best one for your big day!

Vegan high-rise shoes

Another group of people associated with the vegan movement is hipsters. The plaid-shirt, tight jeans, and ankle shoes look is back to stay with the current generation, and we are definitely loving it! And this goes perfectly with the vegan movement since almost every vegan clothing brand has high-rise shoes available. This is the crossover between millennials and fashion that everyone asked for!

You can find both formal and causal high-rise shoes in the vegan category. So, whether you are going in for a meeting or just hanging with the boys, you will never have to worry about being out of style!

While these are some of the popular styles available in the vegan shoe category, you can find vegan variants of all shoe styles. We now live in a world where harming an animal to complete your wardrobe is a highly unnecessary process. Vegan shoes are absolutely comfortable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

So, pick up your pair of vegan shoes today and show the world that empathy is not lost. And never lose the style quotient while doing so!

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