How Can You Make Your Logo Get Noticed on a Custom Barricade Jacket?

According to reports, the global market size of barrier systems was valued at USD 14.0 billion in 2019 and is expected to register a CAGR of 9.8% from 2020 to 2025. Numerous barrier systems are now being equipped with automated control panels, which effectively reduce traffic congestion by using existing or new roadways more efficiently. It is no secret that custom barricade covers and jackets are a great way to get your logo noticed. They are an efficient means of advertising your brand or logo. However, while most people think of how the back of the cover can be utilized, they often forget about what goes on at the front.

If you want more people to see your logo, consider placing it on custom barricade jackets.

Here are some ways to get your logo noticed on custom barricade covers.


The thing that makes barricade covers different from other work jackets is the presence of banners.

Because of this, most people go with a logo and name on the backside. However, if you want more exposure, look into getting a banner.

You can choose a barricade cover with a logo and name on the back (top) and one with a logo and name on the front (bottom). You can see that the front wins by far.

You may be concerned about how you will get your logo to stay put if it is not sewed onto the jacket. However, this is not a problem. While sewn-on logos are more secure, they are also more expensive.

On the other hand, you can get embroidery for your front banner. It will ensure that your logo stands out in any crowd.

Reflective Area

While this is less of an option than banners and back logos, it is a valuable addition that most people overlook. However, if you want people to see your logo when approaching it from afar, consider getting a reflective area on the front of the jacket.

It will ensure that your logo gets noticed whenever someone looks at it.

The Name

It may sound like an obvious suggestion, but not everyone thinks about the name. If you want people to see your logo, it also matters. Instead of putting it on the back or sleeves, consider putting it below your company’s name.

It will ensure that anyone reading the front of the jacket also reads your logo.

Contact Info

Another dying trend is printing your PO box or contact info on the back of a barricade cover. However, if you want to get more exposure for your logo, consider placing it on the top front part of the jacket instead.

This way, everyone will see it whenever they look at you from behind in front of you.

Benefits of Customizing Barricade Covers

When you customize barricade jackets, you get several benefits.

They Will Last Longer

One of the leading benefits of customizing barricade covers is that they are sturdy and long-lasting. Because the material of your barricade cover is as per your preference, it can be designed to withstand moisture and other outdoor conditions. It can also handle daily use for an extended period.

You Can Personalize Them

Those who choose to customize barricade covers have the option of adding their touch to the design. Therefore, you do not need to stick with a company logo as your only option.

If you want something unique and attention-grabbing, consider getting custom workwear jackets with whichever designs or artwork suit your preferences.

You Can Add Your Logo to Make Your Business Stand Out

If you own a business and want to use custom barricade covers to get more exposure, consider placing your company logo on the front of the jacket.

This way, people will see it whenever they look at you from in front or behind. They will also see your business name when they look at the back of the jacket.

You Can Choose From A Range of Color Options

Most barricade covers come in a single color: yellow. Of course, this makes it difficult for businesses and organizations to get noticed. However, if you customize your barricade cover, you can choose from a range of colors. Therefore, anyone who sees the front of this jacket will notice your company’s logo no matter what color it is.

You Get a Choice of Material

When you purchase barricade jackets from a company, you cannot choose what material to make them.

However, if you customize the jacket yourself, you can select the fabric that will be used for this garment.

You Get a Choice of Size

The benefit of getting your customized barricade cover is that you can choose the exact measurements of the jacket.

It means that you get a perfect fit and comfort every time, no matter what material you pick for this product.

Therefore, whether you are looking for an affordable barricade cover or better quality, you will have no trouble finding the perfect option that matches your preferences.