7 iconic fashion must-haves — from wardrobe basics to statement accessories 

When it comes to your wardrobe’s contents, you could probably sort them into two categories: clothes that cover the basics and accessories that are intended to make other people gasp in awe. 

 Both of these categories, however, could be deemed essential to your wardrobe; they just serve different purposes. With that said, here are just a few examples of clothes and accessories renowned for their versatility, style or both. 

Trench coat

Yes, it’s a bulky and heavy item, but that doesn’t mean it has to be left just to the men. The Everygirl branded content editor Ashley Selleke insists: “Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend must have never had a statement trench coat in their arsenal.” 

Selleke explains that a trench coat can be worn “over a matching set with a baseball cap for the ultimate cool-girl vibe, or to accompany your favourite workday fit.” 

Black blazer

Selleke also has good things to say about black blazers, largely on account of their functionality and versatility across the seasons. 

She notes that these blazers can work well “for so many different occasions, including (but not limited to) a work-to-happy-hour moment, a fancy date night, and to upgrade an otherwise casual look.” 

White shirt

According to Selleke, she considers a stylish white button-down shirt versatile and classy “not necessarily because it makes a statement on its own but mostly because it can help you master layering with so many different outfit combos.” 

These words shouldn’t just be heeded by women, as T.M. Lewin stocks white shirts that men could immensely benefit from wearing. 

Classic jeans

So, what exactly are ‘classic’ jeans? It’s actually a catch-all term that can apply to various types of jeans — including skinny jeans and straight-leg jeans. 

While jeans of darker washes — like black and dark indigo — are relatively smart and versatile, you might prefer light washes if you want to strike a casual look for the summer. 

Oversized knits

Jumpers of this type can be worn with practically anything. “The kind of throw-on-and-go piece that will never let you down, a chunky knit in a neutral tone like black, grey or beige will more than earn its keep in your wardrobe,” ex-woman&home deputy fashion editor Jessica Beech says. 

Gold jewellery

When someone recommends that you accessorise with gold jewellery pieces, you should always believe in these trinkets, ‘cause they are GOLD! 

Yes, that’s supposed to be a reference to a certain Spandau Ballet song — and exactly how you ought to wear jewellery can depend on the occasion you are preparing for. You will naturally be inclined to look more bling at a special event than with your day-to-day routine, for example. 


These sunglasses would obviously make sense while the summer is still with us. Esquire declares that the frames “suit every face”, adding that “a pair of classic black Wayfarers should be the foundation of your sunglasses collection (what do you mean you don’t have one?), helping you to stay sharp and squint-free whatever the season.”