Fit-over Sunglasses and Their Benefits for You

Are you satisfied with your current glasses but want to add UV protection to your lenses? As a third alternative to prescription and photographic sunglasses, consider another type of protection: fit-over sunglasses.

The fit-over sunglasses are exactly what the name suggests – they are sunglasses with a slightly larger frame and specially designed temples to fit prescription glasses. Your glasses are hidden behind your custom sunglasses. This gives you excellent UV protection as well as the visual acuity of your prescription glasses.

First, clarify what fit-over sunglasses (also known as open and oversized sunglasses) are and how they work.

Fit-over sunglasses with sun protection have a slightly different design than ordinary sunglasses. Their effects are more comprehensive so that they may include the impact of the prescription glasses below. The same goes for the frame. A suitable pair of fit-over sunglasses have a slightly thinner and wider frame so that the lenses of the mirrors below are not visible.

It has many advantages: the wider frame provides an additional dose of UV protection, especially on the sides and tops of the lenses. It protects your eyes and your sensitive skin and can also protect your skin from premature aging.

In addition to their shape, these sunglasses’ lenses offer UV400 protection, that is, 99% protection against UVA and UVB rays. This protection is essential throughout the year because the sun can seriously damage the cornea, the lens, and the retina. Now, you can easily buy such UV rays blocking cheap glasses online from SmartBuyGlasses. You may quickly and conveniently shop for cheap prescription glasses online at their store. All of the glasses in this collection are high-quality, affordable, and effortlessly trendy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trying them on compared to regular sunglasses?

  • Not sure about the price or convenience of a suitable pair of such sunglasses? Keep reading! While prescription sunglasses are tailor-made for you and fit your face perfectly, they can also be expensive. Depending on the model, brand, and coating, you may pay the same price for equivalent prescription sunglasses. In contrast, custom sunglasses that fit over are very affordable.
  • These particular sunglasses lenses are generally too tall to withstand impacts. Plus, its thick frames provide an extra layer of durability. This can be pretty helpful for athletes and people who play outdoor games and sports.
  • An added benefit is that the right sunglasses can be put on and taken off quickly and easily. Store the glasses case in your purse or glove compartment and put the sunglasses on when you need them—no need to cut or change glasses.
  • However, these glasses can add to the weight of your glasses. Although modern models are very light, they still add weight to the nose and ears. Therefore, the correct fit must be accurately measured to reduce weight.

How to determine the correct size for oversized sunglasses?

Now that we know how fit-over custom sunglasses work and their main benefits, let’s take a look at what they look like. You will have to take a precise measurement of your prescription glasses, that is, the width and height in millimeters. For the best fit, the frame of your exposed sunglasses should be slightly broader than your glasses. But don’t worry: Polaroid Sun cover sunglasses are designed to be at least 2-3 millimeters longer and wider than comparable prescription glasses.

Speaking of design, you should also consider the style and shape of your prescription glasses. For example, if you wear round glasses, choose round sunglasses. If your glasses are squarer, the matching sunglasses should follow this shape.

Are fit-over sunglasses available in a variety of styles?

You may be thinking that despite the great features of sunglasses that suit you, you’d better invest your money in prescription sunglasses because they are more fashionable. It would be helpful if you think twice because you can easily find custom fit-over glasses in many different styles that match your face shape and personality.

Do fit-over sunglasses have polarized lenses?

An important question when choosing the right sunglasses is whether the lenses should be polarized or not. As you know, the polarization of sunglasses prevents excessive glare.

So choose adjustable polarized sunglasses for snowy or nautical activities like fishing or skiing. Provides the shine and lightweight protection you deserve.


Modern adjustable fit-over glasses are available in a variety of shapes and designs. In addition to protecting from the harmful effects of Ultraviolet rays, such sunglasses enhance your facial look and make you feel more comfortable. To find the right adjustable custom sunglasses, you’ll have to take precise measurements of your prescription glasses. These sunglasses can be easily ordered from different online eyewear stores at pretty affordable rates. Many online eyeglasses stores now provide a virtual try-on feature, making your design selection even more straightforward.b

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