What Are The Male Fashion Colors in 2023?

You may have heard that the Pantone color of the year for 2023 is Vivid Magenta. And it’s the perfect indication that fashion will be bright and exciting this year.

Menswear is usually more tame and conservative, so we’re thrilled to see the entire rainbow on the catwalks and the storefronts.

Wearing more than just black, white, or beige opens up new opportunities to express your personality and simply not take things too seriously.

Here are the male fashion colors expected to rule 2023.

Viva Magenta

You didn’t think we’ll exclude this shade from our list, did you? This dark, deep, reddish color is as empowering as it’s pretty to look at.

But what we love the most about it is that it radiates creativity and positivity. In today’s world, that’s always welcome.

And before you say that Viva Magenta is just “too much” for menswear, hear us out. You don’t need to buy an entire suit in the shade (though you could)!

Add elements such as a tie, a pocket square, socks, or a beanie to make the entire outfit pop. For mid-summer looks, go further, opting for a Viva Magenta tee or shorts!


A great alternative to classic blue or navy is the peaceful jade. It’s calming, earthy, and perfect for spring and summer.

Jade works well for your linen suits, casual joggers, and light jackets.

As always, it can also be a great accent piece and an accessory.

Burnt Orange 

A color for any season, burnt orange is ideal for guys who want to experiment without shocking anyone.

This shade is beloved by both fashion designers and high-street brands and is very easy to style, even for fashion novices.

Try a burnt orange cardigan, jumpsuit, or a humble tee. Anything high-quality crew neck tee will look luxurious, sophisticated, and the opposite of boring with this color.

This color goes well with stuff you probably already have, like grey or cream trousers, a navy blazer, or black jeans.

Luxurious Red 

Anything but dull! If you want to make an impression, look for deep, bright, vibrant red pieces.

Red is a color of passion, so don’t be afraid to experiment with statement pieces, accessories, and details to express your personality.


In 2023 get ready for luxurious metallic fashion for the club and beyond.

From gold accessories to silver trousers to metallic shoes, it’s up to you to find what works best!

It’s important to remember, though, that unless you’re going to a theme party, don’t overdo it and keep things classy!

Tranquil Blue 

The mesmerizing Tranquil Blue will be everywhere in 2023.

It’s calming and less “in your face” than cobalt blue and is also often called a royal color.

The best part is that it’s very easy to style, especially for spring and summer.

Light blue linen trousers, shirts, suits, simple tees, and jumpers will look great in monochrome outfits and combinations with various patterns.

Olive Green 

Olive green has never gone out of fashion, but in 2023 it’s going beyond your casual cargo trousers and utility jackets.

Think three-piece suits, luxurious knits, button-downs, and aristocracy fashion-inspired tweed clothes.

This earthy and calming color looks good on everyone, so make sure you incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Honeycomb Yellow

Darker than canary yellow yet lighter than burnt orange, this color reminds us of beautiful summer days in the countryside. What’s not to like?

And yes, not everyone can pull yellow off, but this shade is more forgiving than many other tones.

Try honey-colored linen shirts and accessories for summer, and for the colder seasons, opt for a cozy knit!