How To Avoid Scams Playing Online: Updated Guide For 2021

In this age of innovation, first-class entertainment, including the best casino games, is accessible at a click or tap. Most gambling websites look similar, so players find it difficult to make an informed choice. If you are looking for a site with decent payouts and secure systems, read on.

1.   Reputation Is King

With hundreds of sites at our fingertips, choice paralysis is natural. Never make decisions without solid research. Take your time and do some homework. Study the latest reviews of the best casinos NZ and feedback from real gamblers found on comparison sites and forums.

Of course, any comments may be fake, so search thoroughly. Look for a healthy mix of five- and four-star reviews. Even the most trusted providers do get criticized sometimes. Focus on objective complaints and persistent issues. For instance, if several players have failed to withdraw winnings, this is a red flag.

2.   Encryption

After choosing one or more sites, pay attention to their security policies. At the very least, the platform must use HTTPS for any pages where sensitive data is shared. For instance, when you are making a payment using your credit card, there should be a green padlock sign in the address bar. It guarantees that any traffic between your computer and the casino is safeguarded from hackers.

Naturally, even well-established websites may become victims of data breaches. At the same time, some casinos are launched for the sole purpose of stealing your data and funds. Honest brands detail their security measures in a special website section and use strong encryption.

3.   Bitcoin

If you want to remain completely anonymous, Bitcoin casinos will let you do this. Blockchain does not store the identities of wallet holders, just the amounts and wallet identifiers. As a result, neither the casino nor the government or any other party can trace your transactions. This is the most secure method in existence. To request a withdrawal, you do not have to share any personal information at all, just your wallet address.

4.   Limit Online Transactions

If you prefer using your credit or debit card online, limit the size of transactions to prevent damage from unauthorized use. Many banks allow clients to do this in a few taps through their online banking apps. This way, even if cybercriminals manage to get hold of your sensitive data, they will be unable to spend much money.

Extra Tip: Do Not Rely on Self-Control

Online transaction limits are also useful for betting strategies. Gamblers find it difficult to stick to their limits, especially when they lose. Chasing losses is a common mistake, and the consequences may be dire. To prevent betting more than you can afford, set limits that will be difficult to overcome.

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