7 Trends We’re Bringing Into the New Year

We’re now in full swing of the holidays, which means the new year is right around the corner, and for many people, that means change. “New year, new me” is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Whether your goals for the new year are to lose weight, stay positive, or even spend more time on hobbies, there are countless ways you can reinvent yourself. There are also plenty of things that you should carry into the new year, including fashion trends. Keep reading for some of the biggest trends that will stay in style throughout the coming year.

Cowboy Boots

Whether you love the Yellowstone television show, listen to country music, or not, chances are you’ve been wearing cowboy boots for the last year. Some people like them bedazzled with rhinestones, and others like a classic brown or black tall boot. Keep those boots in the front of your closet for this coming year, and pair them perfectly with your favorite jeans and dresses. Cowboy boots can be dressed fashionably up or down, making them the perfect year-round boots.

Gold Rings and Necklaces 

While some prefer sterling silver, gold rings and necklaces are the trends that keep giving this new year. Gold rings for women look great, stacked on top of each other and worn on several fingers at a time. The same goes for your gold chains and necklaces; layer at least two or three at the same time for an on-trend look, whether you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans or an elevated cocktail dress. Sometimes all that glitters really is gold.

Metallic Tones

Metallic gold, silver, and bronze colors are everywhere this year, and they’re not going anywhere next year. The metallic trend looks phenomenal with everything from nail color choices to silver sequin dresses when you’re counting down to midnight on New Year’s Eve. You’ll see a lot of glitter stitching in sweaters and even denim, especially during the winter. 


Known as a symbol of wisdom and abundance, pearls will hopefully bring both of those to all of us during the upcoming year. Opt for tops and sweaters embellished with this beautiful white accouterment and shoes adorned with pearls. If you don’t want to make as big of a statement with your clothing and footwear, hair accessories and pearl jewelry are a more subdued way to keep these trends in your wardrobe. 

Lace Detailing

Another romantic trend that has staying power through the new year is beautiful lace detailing. From dresses to casual tops and even outerwear, the feminine detail of lace makes a big statement for such a delicate design. It doesn’t matter where you incorporate it into your wardrobe, but it’ll instantly make you feel like a modern-day Marie Antoinette whenever you wear it.

Feather Trims

Feather trims are on the bottom of pants and blouses right now, and we will continue to see them this new year. With bold colors like purple, hot pink, and cobalt blue set to reign the fashion scene this upcoming year, you can make a fun and whimsical statement with those pieces by opting for ones with feather trim. If you view this fashion trend as loud, try a short feather trim on a mini dress this New Year’s Eve, and after all the compliments that roll in, you’ll likely expand your feather trim collection.


Along with feathers, ruffles will also make their way into the new year as a trend that’s not going anywhere. This ultra-feminine statement is leaving its mark in the upcoming year, from full-coverage ruffle dresses to oversized sleeves with ruffle detailing. Ruffles are a fun trend that is easy to pull off because, while voluminous, they don’t make as loud a statement as others like rhinestones, sequins, or feathers.

Whether you’ve already been playing into these fashion trends or not, let your inner fashionista come out this new year by continuing to wear them or filling your closet with these styles. A minimalist or capsule wardrobe is definitely great, but self-expression is important, and can you think of a more fun way to express yourself through clothing? Here’s to you and your wardrobe, and Happy (and stylish!) New Year!