5 Tips to Develop Your Personal Style

The key to looking great, confident, and dashing lies in ways you personalise your style and carry it gracefully. But often, people do not know their style. However, that’s okay. You can ambitiously glam up your personal style to become someone inspired, motivated, and creative. 

For that, you can follow multiple tips mentioned below. However, it will only increase your knowledge on ways to work around your style if you have never thought about it before. 

5 Tips To Develop Your Personal Style And Own It Like A Pro!

Try out the glasses and shades that fit your face shape and size:

Wearing glasses or shades can enhance how you look to people in general. So, whenever you go out on a date, you can wear light-colored glasses. 

However, to come across as someone highly confident, bold, and rich, you can try Tom Ford FT0711 Fausto Sunglasses, newly launched in the market. 

These shades are available in Black, Vintage Yellow, Shiny Ivory, and Smoke colors. Choose the size from the chart, which determines shades’ lens, frame, and width. If you don’t know your eye’s power, get a free test from a nearby eye clinic. 

Choose clothes that make you happy and good about yourself:

To develop a unique personality, you should wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself: skin, tone, and size. However, you should keep experimenting with your ideas like a creative person. 

So, dig in your closet and check if clothes fit you or don’t anymore. Then, discard those which don’t fit you anymore. Otherwise, you can make something else from old clothes like a scarf, tank top, belt, or suspenders. 

Ultimately, you should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Because if you feel awkward in dresses or off-shoulder tops, it will show. Others will know/sense immediately. That would only increase tensions between you and the other people. 

But if you wear comfortable clothes, be it trendy or just a jeans-t-shirt combo, others will love and admire you for that. It will also build your interpersonal relationships easily because onlookers know that you carry yourself well. 

Get a fashion inspiration:

You must pick up some idols from the fashion world. These idols may or may not be of your age. What matters is that you like the way they carry themselves or experiment with their fashion style. 

Watching them from the sidelines gives you courage and a boost to go out and try their style too once. Because if a celebrity or public figure can do it, so can you. This belief helps you not feel embarrassed whenever your experiment with your personal style goes in vain. 

Create a mood board with printouts or cut-outs:

One of the best ways to glam up your personal style is to create a mood board. It’s like a storyboard. On this board, you can paste colors that define a particular mood. Take help from influencers and fashion bloggers for the color scheme ideas online. 

Next, look for the outfits that you find cool, crazy, and creative in that color scheme. Then, get those outfits printouts or cut-outs to post or pin on the notice board. You can make a slam book or a zine instead of this mood board. 

You can keep adding or removing new ideas with pictures for references. Then, you can try those ideas at home in front of your mirror and tick mark which make you feel like a Pro fashionista. 

You can share your ideas and pictures with your best friends for genuine or constructive opinions. Or, if you are bold enough, put up your selfies on social media for public opinion. This way, you can continue to develop a sense of style and fashion that suits your mood, preferences, and pocket size. 

Check what is your body shape/size and choose clothes accordingly:

Body shape and size matter a lot when you are on the journey to develop a personal style. 

Give them your body measurements to the tailor/boutique and ask them to design dresses you love for you. 

There are several body types, including:

  • Pear-shaped bodies
  • Hourglass bodies
  • Apple-shaped bodies
  • Athletic / Rectangular bodies
  • Inverted-triangle bodies
  • Bodies based on size – tall, petite, or plus size. 

Body measurements that matter:

  • Should size
  • Bust size
  • Waist size
  • Hip size
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