Different Ways to Wear a Dress Without a Bra

The bra gives coverage and support to make the clothes appear better when worn. However, particular garments don’t require bras or are not good to look at when wearing one inside. It’s totally fine to wear a top with no bra. There are heaps of tricks for clothes to look good even when going braless.

A dress with a very deep plunging neckline may require ladies to go braless to look good. Furthermore, a bodice that uses black lace material, strapless, and backless, are styles that don’t need bras. Wearing one underneath will only create marks, bumps, or scratches. Hence, it is wise to learn tricks on how to put support underneath without using bras.

Pick a Dress With Built-In Support

Some styles already have existing support. Typically, they use an elasticised lining, shelf bra, or bra cups sewn underneath the fabric. But not all cups come with specific sizes. Thus, the size of the dress may be right, but not the cup size. Every person has a unique body shape, and their bra size varies, too.

Some halter-neck tops or dresses have built-in bras because they don’t appear nice with ordinary bras. Moreover, backless dresses also have ready-made bra inside. At times, a tank top or camisole worn underneath a dress will do the trick. Some camisoles have sewn bra cups inside, which provide ample support and coverage.

Use breast petals

Those flower-looking stick-ons are breast petals. They can help conceal the nipples when someone decides to go braless. Any body-hugging outfit may need breast petals since they appear perfect with no lines, marks, and bumps. If someone is allergic to adhesive, she can use the non-stick, but only if the style is tight-fit enough, the petals stay in place.

Sew bra cups

Bra cups are inexpensive or old bras will do the trick. Remove the cups and sew them underneath the fabric of the top. For someone adept with sewing, this is a piece of cake. Otherwise, it is wise to ask a seamstress to do the job.

Use a tape

Tapes can provide support and coverage as bras do. Medical tapes like surgical, band-aids or athletic types are convenient to use. They are usually compatible with any skin type, and they come off quickly with warm water.

Duct tapes, on the other hand, require extra padding for the nipple areas to prevent allergic reactions. It is also painful if there are no additional layers between the tape and the nipples. When using band-aids, make sure to put the padded area over the sensitive part of the breast. Depending on the dress style, taping the bust can either go vertical or horizontal. For added cleavage, some women tape them across the breasts, while for more support, tape them vertically.

Stick-on silicone bras

Bras can be in the form of stick-on silicone cups. They come in various types, the one where it directly adheres to the breasts, and others place the adhesives on the sizes. When in need of full support, the type with adhesive on the sides works better than the other.

These cups are washable and reusable. Thus, they are more practical to use. Cups vary in thickness and weight. If the fabric is too sheer, use the cup with ultra-lightweight materials for more comfort. Another feature of stick-on bras is they come in various sizes. Ladies can conveniently choose the right cup size to get the appropriate coverage.