Top 3 Reasons Why Note-Taking Skills Is Essential For All Students

All students know that taking notes during classroom discussions is one of the most effective ways to master their lessons. They need to learn how to listen to the lecturer while writing down the important points mentioned during the discussion. But even the keenest listeners may still miss out on some crucial points mentioned by the professor. That information may be included in the next major exams.

Fortunately, note sharing among students becomes a common occurrence in academe nowadays. It allows students within the campus or anywhere all over the world to share their notes online. For example, you can study a note taken by a student from the National University of Singapore (NUS) even though you’re not enrolled in that institution. You can easily find NUS subject notes containing lectures with various topics and study them anywhere you are.

If you intend to share your notes online, it is crucial to understand the importance of taking notes in the first place. It allows you to determine which part of the discussion you need to write. More importantly, these reasons can help you appreciate the process of note-taking to improve your grades.

Here are the top reasons why you need to master the skill of taking notes.

To Create More Organised Study Materials

Most students find it easier to systematise their study materials if they use bullet points when writing notes. Using this note-taking technique, you will be able to incorporate visual aids like pie charts or bar graphs to represent the crucial points of the lecture. It could help you have a better understanding of the class discussion. Also, using this method can make it easier for you to review the notes before a major examination.

To Enrich Your Listening And Concentration Skills

If you normally take notes during class discussions, you will understand the importance of paying total attention to everything the lecturer says. It means that you have to listen intently to each statement and summarise it using your own words before you put it in writing. Those who are not taking notes usually find themselves easily distracted during class. It prevents them from completely understanding the lecture and getting crucial information during the discussion. You only need to find the right note-taking method that you are comfortable with, so you will not have any problems turning the lecture into reading material.

To Make The Subject Interesting

It is very common for students to feel bored when reading a lecture from the textbooks, especially if they find the topic uninteresting. But if you read the gist of the topic through the notes taken in class, you may find it easier to understand the topic since you already summed up the main points of the discussion in your own words. Reading files like NUS subject notes shared online may also let you learn more about the topic without having to deal with boredom.

Besides these reasons, you will also discover that note-taking during class can help improve your grades. Based on previous research, students who often take notes during discussions have better scores than those who choose to listen to the lecture without writing the important points. By writing the information in a piece of paper, your mind may retain it for a long time. It means that you can do well during the exams since you can still remember the important details mentioned by the lecturer during the class. Because of these reasons, it is necessary to start improving your note-taking skills to have better grades.

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