Tips on Proper Watch Care

Being a watch owner entails a lot of responsibility. One of the responsibilities of a worthy watch owner is caring for their watch. If one does so adequately, broken watches and timepieces can be avoided as repairs can be quite costly. Fortunately, maintaining your watch can be simple and affordable. Watches and timepieces are intricately complex devices that it seems initially overwhelming knowing exactly how to care for them. However, the guide prepared below offers some basic tips to enlighten you to keep your watches and timepieces running smoothly for years to come.

Proper Watch Care Tips

  • Regular Gentle Cleaning

Gently clean your watch at least once a month. First, take a soft cloth and wipe down the band and the case to remove any dirt or dust. Next, soak a toothbrush or a cleaning brush of similar size in warm water and brush your watch or timepiece to loosen the dirt. Watches and timepieces have several crevices where body oils, dirt, and other particles can build up. Around the lens, between the bracelet links, and the part where the case and bezel meet are some areas you should pay attention to while cleaning. Of course, if you wear your watch regularly, you have to clean it on occasion thoroughly.

  • Crystal Clear

Take care of the crystal. Being cautious of your watch’s crystal is quite obvious, but it should still be emphasized. Do everything you can to prevent bumping the crystal of your watch against any hard surface and other objects that may cause damage and scratching. If you happen to damage the crystal, you can always go online and look for stores like Watch & Style Philippines to find a suitable crystal replacement.

  • Chemicals, Begone!

Avoid contact with chemicals, such as cleaning supplies. Also, keep your watches and timepieces away from colognes, perfumes, and lotions. These substances can enter your watch or timepiece’s crevices and cause greasy particles to accumulate. In addition, it’s best to avoid contact between your watch and perfume, especially if the watch has a leather band. Perfume can damage the leather band, weakening it and potentially causing it to tear. When spraying perfume or cologne, let it completely dry before placing the watch on your wrist.

  • Avoid Magnets

Some of you may not be aware that placing your watch close to a magnet can negatively affect the timekeeping of your watch. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you stayed away from everyday things, such as speakers, refrigerators, or magnetic clasps on bags when wearing your precious watch or timepiece. Placing your watch or timepiece near computers or tablets isn’t great either since there are strong magnets within the gadgets.

  • Check Water Resistance

Know your watch or timepiece’s water resistance. Most are built with some water resistance, but vintage ones tend to lose their waterproof capabilities over time. So stay away from large splashes of water and other liquids if your watch or timepiece lacks water resistance. And remember, if you have a leather band, avoid getting it wet – water weakens leather.

  • Don’t Get Too Much Vitamin D

Sunlight may fade the color on your watches and timepieces, so avoid standing under the sun for too long. Additionally, heat shortens battery life, so it’s best to prevent your time-telling devices from being placed in direct sunlight.

  • Store ‘Em Well

Keep watch boxes for proper storage. When not wearing your watch or timepiece, it’s best to keep them in the box you bought them in. The original packaging was made to keep the watch or timepiece safe and protected. Make sure your watches and timepieces are stored with the face and dial facing up. Setting the watch or timepiece on its side or its crystal always brings the possibility of damage and scratching. Also, you may store your watches and timepieces in soft cloth pouches. Make sure to keep your time-telling devices separate to avoid unnecessary friction and scratches.

Watches and timepieces do more than just tell the time. Often, there are personal memories associated with them, making them incredibly sentimental objects. And, if taken care of properly, you can pass them on to future generations. Such objects are built to last, and it’s not difficult to properly take care of them to keep them in top shape. All you need is time.

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