Dress More Fashionably with These 5 Tips

Dressing well isn’t about wearing the most expensive pieces or following all the current trends to a T. You should invest in quality basics, and you can have fun with trends if you want, but being stylish is more about using clothes to flatter your body type and express your personality.

Whether you’re going with an outrageous new outfit that’s completely out of your comfort zone, or you’re just sprucing up a casual outfit with some accessories and makeup, fashion can be fun and easy – and a big part of looking fashionable is just being confident in what you wear. Try out these five tips to become a style star.

1) Make Sure Everything You Wear Fits Properly

Have you ever wondered why celebrities look better than you in the same clothes? It’s not because of their inherent beauty. It’s because they get everything they wear tailored.

If you’ve never had anything tailored, you’ll be surprised at how much better your clothes look when they fit you perfectly. Of course, it’s not practical to have everything tailored, especially your most casual clothes. But when you’re shopping, you should make sure you’re wearing clothes that fit. Take your own measurements and use sizing charts to find clothes that fit you well. You’ll look much better and feel more comfortable, too.

2) Work on Your Wardrobe Basics

If you want to be more stylish, you should invest in high-quality basic pieces that you can dress up or down or mix and match with fun, trendier pieces. Basics tend to stay in style for longer, so you can spend more money knowing you’ll get more out of the piece, and you’ll get to wear it longer. Buy a good wool coat, a leather jacket, a few pairs of jeans that fit in different styles, a few dresses, and a few tops. It may be easiest to put together a capsule wardrobe of pieces that can be mixed and matched into a number of combinations to create different looks.

How long do basic pieces stay in style? Items like wool and leather jackets, basic blue jeans, and t-shirts will typically stay in style for years, but cuts and silhouettes change subtly over time. If you’ve had a piece for 20 years, it’s time to replace it.

3) Try Out Monochrome Looks

Monochrome looks are one of the big summer 2022 fashion trends for women. Neutral colors are always a good choice for monochrome looks. All black is great for days when you don’t feel like putting a lot of thought into your outfit or don’t want to stand out. White dresses are in style for summer 2022 – perfect for a sweltering day. Luxurious co-ords in beige, gray, and off-white create a canvas against which you can showcase statement jewelry or colorful accessories.

Colorful monochrome looks are in this summer, too. Pantsuits and dresses in vibrant hues like line green, hot orange, sunny yellow, and kelly green have appeared on runways during this season’s fashion weeks. Wear monochrome looks with coordinating shoes and accessories.

4) Have Fun with Color

Monochrome looks appear inherently more put-together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with patterns and color. Get creative and show your personality with a mix of highly contrasting colors, or different patterns. Mix prints with other prints or with patterns. Treat stripes like a neutral color. Mix prints of similar types. Choose two or more prints that contain the same color. Mixing prints is an easy way to look fashionable and fun.

If you’re not into the mixed pattern look or aren’t sure you can pull it off, you can look more polished and put-together with a color-coordinated outfit. Choose your clothing, makeup, and accessories based on two or three shared colors. Color coordinating will automatically make you look stylish, especially if you get your makeup and accessories on point.

5) Accessorize

The right accessories can really tie an outfit together. Match your shoes and handbag, and try to coordinate the style of your jewelry, shoes, and handbag with the style of the clothes you’re wearing. Wear bold, statement accessories with subdued outfits, and understated ones with loud outfits. Use accessories to draw attention to parts of your body or outfit you want to accentuate – for example, draw the eye to your face with a strong pair of earrings.

You don’t need to stay on top of all the latest trends to dress fashionably. Have fun with clothes and accessories and wear them with confidence, and show the world how creative you can be.

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