Simple Ways to Look Expensive Without Breaking Your Bank

Would it shock you if we tell you can look expensive and chic without keeping a Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, or Bulgari? Certainly, these brands do make good investment pieces, but there are other ways to look dashing and elegant without spending all your hard-earned savings.

The best part here is you can work with different pieces that are in your closet already. Thus, keep all that money inside your wallet and be prepared to fool everybody into thinking you paid a lot just to accomplish that elegant look by following these easy steps.

  • Structured bags

Whether you like a large or small bag, there’s nothing chicer looking than a structured bag. Keep away from slouchy bags and backpacks, especially if your goal is to look timeless and chic. Further, it’s good to have them in neutral shades such as tan, white or black, as they are the colors that can transcend seasons.

  • That little black dress

Having a little black dress in your wardrobe is essential as it never goes out of style. This piece of clothing is like a wardrobe staple as it’s sleek, slimming, versatile, and classic. Trust us when we say you could never go wrong with wearing black.

  • Wear some modern shades

Celebrities might have started this trend, but wearing a sophisticated pair of sunglasses could somehow make you look lavishing and your outfit as well. Something black and big would be perfect!

  • Pair of pointy shoes

A smooth way to look expensive and chic is to wear pointed shoes, particularly if you’re wearing black air. Keep in mind that putting on these pointy shoes only demonstrates you mean business. Further, they’re versatile, so they could match dress-up or dress-down outfits.

  • A tasteful jewelry

Of course, you can’t forget the accessories, especially if you like to become classy. Just make sure you stay away from plastic jewels and concentrate on classic pieces like minimal watches and jewelry in gold color.

You can also find replacement watch movements online for various types of watches that are fashionable at reasonable prices.

  • Wear a coat

Wearing a coat can immediately transform your vibe, and when we talk about coats, nothing looks more expensive and elegant than a camel-colored coat. Further, there’s something about this shade that could make any outfit feel expensive and elevated.

If this shade is not available in your wardrobe, you can still choose another shade as long as you pick a long one, not the short coat-type, for a classier look.

  • White buttons-downs

Another vital piece to get is a white button-down due to its versatility. This fashion piece works for casual clothing and could make you look professional in just a snap. Make sure you steam iron it when wearing and your outfit will surely look expensive and elegant!

And that’s it! We hope you find this article interesting and informative at the same time. With these above tips, you’ll certainly look expensive and elegant in no time. Take note that you don’t need to own expensive stuff to look classy.

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