5 WFH Wardrobe Staples

If you’re WFH (working from home), as so many of us are these days, you may have already learned that sitting around in your skivvies all day is less motivating or productive. Sure, it was funny at the beginning of lockdowns seeing news anchors slip up and reveal sweatpants beneath their sports coats, and we all admittedly sat around in pajamas for months. But, there’s something to be said for “greeting the day” and how it affects our productivity. While there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable as your WFH, you should wear something presentable the same way you make your bed each day. Let’s look at some work-from-home wardrobe staples from which we can all benefit. 

Easy Button-Down

Another staple of the WFH wardrobe is an easy button-down shirt. Some people’s jobs require checking in even if they have the autonomy of working from home. While there’s a ton of truth in the question, “couldn’t this have been an e-mail?” you’ll likely still have to check in through video conferences from time to time. On those occasions, you want to look put together and polished, and an easy button-down is the answer. No one expects you to be donning a suit in your home office, so a button-down shirt and groomed hair are a must. If you feel more comfortable on camera with some makeup and accessories, go for it, but a nice, structured shirt is a great base. 

Luxe Loungewear 

For the days where comfort is key, and you want to look pulled together but still stylish, loungewear is the answer. While athleisure had a major moment in the last decade, more and more people are now transitioning to the more sartorial and less skin-tight loungewear. Shopping for men’s loungewear to wear while you work from home is easy. Find a brand whose aesthetic resonates with you and know your color base. Investing in pieces in the same color family as the rest of your wardrobe allows you to easily transition some loungewear pieces to other looks. Undershirts can work as t-shirts, and sweatpants are a great staple to run errands or work out in. 

Blue Light Glasses 

Working from home for many people has them logging many more hours than when they had to report to the office. Whether your company monitors if you’re online or not is a big part of this. While working in an office, there are likely many reasons you would leave your desk, whether for a meeting, going out to lunch, or just heading for a cup of coffee. You’re more likely to eat lunch at your desk, take meetings virtually, and work longer hours when you’re at home. Blue light glasses are a great investment to protect your vision. 

Patterns & Print Play

If your WFH wardrobe is going to consist mainly of basics and loungewear – and hey! We don’t blame you! Have fun and give yourself a little mood boost by playing with patterns and prints that you may not have been able to wear into the office. While before WFH, your wardrobe budget was likely allocated a lot for office wear, these days, you can have fun with clothing you’d wear out with friends, on the town, and running errands. Purchase prints and patterns that make you happy and put you in a good mood! Gone are the days of minimalist fashion; it’s all about maximalism these days.

Great Jeans 

While we can’t control the genes we’re born with; we have a lot of control over the jeans we wear. When you’re working from home, it’s the perfect time to break in a pair of high-end denim. Quality denim can last a lifetime and is always worth the investment. Not to mention, you look put together and ready for the day if anyone stops by, or you have to run an errand. Jeans are also incredibly comfortable when they fit you correctly and are the best quality you can afford. Jeans are one of the most iconic and timeless wardrobe pieces for a reason – they pair with literally everything!

Working from home is a privilege that some people may take for granted. Think about it – you get to stay cozy and safe at home and wear whatever you want! But just because you can wear what you want doesn’t mean you should abandon basic grooming and dressing habits. Let the items mentioned above be some of your wardrobe staples while you enjoy working from home. 

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