Level-up your Work from Home Office with these Cozy, Comfortable Products

Bedsure highlights designed-for-comfort products to help professionals get cozy, get productive and get well rested while working from home.
According to experts, work has forever changed, as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced an unprecedented number of people in places like Europe, the UK and North America to change how they work and where they work.
In the UK, 60% of adults worked from home during the first pandemic Coronavirus lockdown and “26% of Brits plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown.”
While some people have found it easy to work from home and to sleep well, others have struggled. 
A global study of 190,000 participants healthcare workers found that there has been a spike of insomnia of nearly 24% since the start of the pandemic.
At-home professionals who can “construct a comfortable work environment”, can relieve the “amount of stress in their lives” and sleep better too. 
Creating a comfortable, productive work environment and a cozy, relaxing sleep space can help avoid sleep deprivation effects like increased risk of stroke, heart disease and depression. With this in mind, Bedsure has identified some key products that can create comfortable, separate environments for work and for sleep. 
Bedsure has designed their range of hoodie blankets to meet the warmth and comfort needs of customers, young and old.
Blanket hoodies are well suited for work from home, because they allow freedom of movement, such as for writing, making calls or creating a PowerPoint, while also keeping in the warmth.
Made from 300 GSM of thick microfiber, Bedsure’s Knee-Length Wearable Blanket features a warm hood, pockets and a wide design for easy movement.
Easily machine washable, the single hue fleece hoodie blanket is gender neutral and versatile.
Understanding that a home office is not always as comfortable as a modern office, Bedsure has identified pillows as a helpful support for uncomfortably hard at-home office chairs. 
The Bedsure Microfiber Pillowcases can easily be slid over a pillow and popped behind a chair for added softness and comfort. This can keep a comfortable pillow nice and clean, while providing extra softness.
Polyester microfiber is renowned for its softness and quick-drying abilities.
Available in 12 colors, there is a color that can easily match with WFH office and bedroom space décor.


Sherpa fleece is one of the most popular kinds of fabrics. 
Bedsure’s Sherpa Fleece Throw can be draped across a couch or chair for some extra softness or used as a lap blanket for greater warmth when working from home. 
Medium weight 260 GSM Sherpa provides warmth and fuzziness while 220 GSM of fleece provides smoothness and softness. 
Available in 8 neutral and jewel tones, the throw blanket can easily be coordinated with existing design and decoration.
Three different sized blankets allow customers to choose one for their queen or king-sized bed as well as their office space.
A reversible design provides further versatility and comfort for those who like flexibility and different textures.


To keep outside light out while working at a computer, Bedsure Blackout Curtains can be used in an office space, make-shift work-at-home living room or in a cozy den-like bedroom.
Made out of triple weave polyester, these curtains can block out 90% of light.
Available in charcoal, dark or light gray, the curtains are both stylish and functional. 
The Bedsure Blackout Curtains feature durable metallic eyelets and can be machine washed.
For more information about products for WFH people in the UK and EU, click here.

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