The Queen Took Walthamstow and Staff by Surprise Especially with Her Chosen Spread

The independent coffee shop, Love Toast, was taken by surprise after her majesty the Queen, visited this morning for a slice of their signature toast.

Taking a break from her royal duties, staff members and customers were left gobsmacked by the sudden royal appearance.  Love Toast employee, Henry, was opening up shop for the day when he heard a knock on the window and saw the Queen’s Guard along with her majesty herself.

“I’m used to early morning regular customers but as I got to about five feet away when I realised who it really was, I was like ‘Oh my God, it’s the Queen”, Henry told the media.

“I obviously let her in right away, she was so down to earth and all I could think was my nan is not going to believe this,” he continued.

During the visit, her majesty toured the Walthamstow shop before ordering a slice of toast and cup of coffee which she enjoyed while catching up with the latest tabloids.

Speaking on her visit, (Rob Ely, Love Toast Owner) said, “There was much speculation over her majesty’s order – Marmite, which after this we fully anticipate it to sell out! We truly appreciate her majesty taking the time to visit our Walthamstow store and hope that we’ve earned yet another regular customer.”

Love Toast have a second location situated in Braintree, with both coffee shops offering their renowned selection of toasties, toast and signature spreads and perfectly roasted coffee.

For any enquiries, please visit https://www.lovetoast.co.uk

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