Bringing back the art of letter writing

Epistolers – that’s letter writers – around the world can now have their own high quality personalised stationery delivered directly to their doors in good time for World Letter Writing Day on 1 September 1 thanks to Northampton-based printers and stationers Able Labels 2.


In a world of clicks, taps and swipes the centuries-old art of letter writing is becoming an ever-more authentic and relevant way to keep in touch. Hand-written letters convey something very personal that other contemporary forms of communication can’t match. 


In fact, research3 has shown that writing letters of gratitude will benefit the sender by improving happiness and life satisfaction – important contributors to overall wellbeing – and helping to reduce depression. All that’s needed is 15 minutes three times over three weeks to write letters of appreciation. What’s more, the effect increases over time, so the more letters they write the happier people feel.


Everything from the colour of ink to the added photographs, drawings, or even a dried flower or two make it clear that someone has devoted thought and effort to share important ideas and news. Time has been taken to consider the content, compose ideas, and carefully pen something uniquely intended for the reader. For these reasons, letters sent and shared can create stronger connections than a text, WhatsApp message, or email.


For older generations, who started their independent lives when there weren’t desktop computers and mobile phones, receiving a letter will be like reminiscing with old friends. They’re almost certain to keep them and re-read them time and again. They might even become a touching archive for younger family members in years to come.


Famous letter writers include:

Jane Austin, author and social observer

John Keats, poet and thinker

Oscar Wilde, just being himself

Virginia Woolf, modernist

George Bernard Shaw, sender of thousands of letters and postcards in his lifetime

Horatio Nelson, British naval fleet commander  who has to write left-handed after losing his right arm in battle. 


And, of course, to create the right impression, letters should be sent on high quality paper that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to people’s faces. Personalised stationery is the ideal way to show that the art of letter writing is taken seriously.




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