Things to do in Rome

Rome is one of the most-visited cities in Europe. However, while many would argue that this is because it is the home of the Vatican and other famous churches or cathedrals, there are over two hundred museums within its city limits. On top of that, Rome is packed with historical sites and has several different attractions you can explore.

Book your accommodation in Rome through and get ready to explore the city. The following is a list of the best places to visit in Rome.

 The Colosseum

Probably considered the top attraction in Rome, the ancient amphitheatre can seat up to 70,000 spectators. Many different events are held in the amphitheatre, including concerts, poetic recitals, and opera performances.

Additionally, archaeology enthusiasts will be interested in the fact that they can tour the area around this site or even take an underground tour through its dungeons.

The Palatine Hill

Visiting the Palatine Hills is one of the best things to do in Rome. It was once the centre of governance in ancient Rome. This hill has several different attractions that have been excavated over time, including several temples.

Other structures include The House of Augustus, which is an example of early Imperial Roman architecture, and the Golden House of Nero.

The Roman Forum

This area contains the ruins of several different public buildings constructed over time to serve as governance and public business centres. These include courts, temples, and even a few basilicas.

Other attractions within this area include The Arch of Septimius Severus, which was built in 203 AD to celebrate the Parthian victories of Severus and his two sons, Caracalla and Geta. Outside of this area is also the Arch of Titus, which depicts scenes from the capture of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

The Pantheon

The building was initially constructed around 27 BC as a temple for all pagan gods that were worshipped. It is one of the top attractions in Rome.

However, when Emperor Hadrian became a believer in Monotheism, it was repurposed as a church in 609 AD and dedicated to “St Mary ad Martyres” (Latin for `Holy Mary and Martyrs`). This building has held up remarkably well over the years and is one of the best-preserved examples of Roman architecture in all of Rome.

The Vatican Museums

This complex has been open to the public since November 1993 and contains over 70 galleries and halls containing many different works by artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bernini.

It also possesses several statues, fountains, and other historical objects collected by Popes throughout history. Additionally, it contains the Vatican Library containing over 85,000 manuscripts and 1.1 million books.

The Roman Catacombs

While many people know that Rome has an extensive graveyard system, they might not know that there are at least forty catacombs underneath the city, with another four hundred in its surrounding suburbs.

This system was initially established in the second century when Christians were persecuted by the Roman Empire and forced to bury the dead at night. These catacombs can be visited today if you are interested in touring this extensive network of tunnels that contains almost three million graves.

The Baths of Caracalla

These baths, originally called “Thermae Antoninianae,” were constructed around 216 AD. They are some of the best-preserved Roman bath ruins in the world.

Visitors can tour several areas of this site, including one building containing a beautiful mosaic floor with Greek writing that reads “Mensa ponderaria,” which means `weighing table` about the scales used there.

The Arch of Constantine

This arch was built between 315 AD and 315 AD by Emperor Constantine I to commemorate his victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge.

It is located right next to The Colosseum within a small square about half the size of a football field. It has undergone many restorations over the centuries but remains standing today.


These are just a few of the many Rome tourist attractions to visit when you are in the beautiful city. When booking your hotel through, compare the prices of the hotels near the main attractions on your list. This will help you save more money and enjoy Rome’s top attractions.

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