Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Used Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking is the most effective way of creating dense storage space and using the existing warehouse space. However, it’s a costly investment, especially when you are buying a new one.

So, if you have any budget constraints, you can go for used pallet racking systems. It is an excellent cost-saving option and gives the same results as a new pallet would provide. Used pallets are a great alternative for upgrading, renovating, or opening a new facility. But, before you head on to purchasing, keep a few things in mind.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Used Pallet Racking

Choosing the Wrong Size

Choosing the wrong size is one of the common mistakes businesses make when buying pallets. Buying a used pallet racking system that’s incompatible with your needs is simply a waste of money, time, and effort. You must check your products, existing pallet system, warehouse space, and the forklifts you are using to ensure you buy the right size. Keep all the specifications handy with you to avoid any wrong purchases.

Overlooking the Quality

The next thing you need to look at before buying used pallet racking systems is checking the pallets’ quality. Make sure that the pallets you are purchasing are in good condition. You surely want to cut costs, but a low-quality product can bring you more troubles.

If you have little idea about checking the quality then, take a friend or an expert along. Examine the pallets for any signs of damage. If you see it bending or rusted, the pallet system is probably not good enough to last long.

No Research About The Supplier

Do not get overwhelmed by pallets available on sale. You will find many suppliers in the market who can give you pallets at low prices. But many of these pallets don’t meet the quality standards. Try to go for a professional racking company when buying used pallets.

A reputed supplier will help you with the reconfiguration of the used pallets. It will combine the used pallets with new ones to create a robust and efficient facility for you. It’s always better to go for suppliers that provide on-site and off-site installations. Your supplier should also help you through the permit process needed for installation.

Not Meeting Safety Standards

Safety is a great deal in the warehousing business. It can be a risky affair if your material is not up to the mark. So, whenever you buy a used pallet racking system, make sure that it complies with the industry standards. You can’t take any chances and put the business’s reputation at stake to save some bucks.

Therefore, check for missing blocks, loose components, poor welding in the beams, rusted parts, and broken planks. Any visible damages to the pallet will make it unsafe for your business.

Not Seeking Professional Analysis

A professional can assist you in the setup and design of your warehouse and handling systems. So, before you decide to buy any used pallets, take the help of an expert to know the type of racking system that will fit in your warehouse. The efficiency of your pallet system is vital for the business’s smooth operations. Structural stability and integrity are crucial to the pallet racking system, and only a professional can help you get that.

When buying used pallet racking systems, you must consider any possible future expansions. You may even buy it for your new facility or renovation. Whatever the reason may be, you must give it some space for future growth. A bit more investment can help you save costs.

Once you have the setup ready, it’s a tiresome process to do it all over again when you need extra space. You need to analyze your current and future storage needs and look for a flexible racking system for your warehouse.

Not Asking About Replacement Parts

Whenever you buy used pallets, always ask about the estimated cost of the replacement parts. It will help you avoid purchasing a racking system that is no longer in use or could be expensive to maintain and repair. It would also be difficult for you to source its replacement parts. Hence, make sure you research the standard pallet systems and their maintenance costs.

Make a list of suppliers in your area through Google search or local business-to-business listings. Once you have the list, you can check their products, prices, and services they offer. Narrow it down, keeping in mind the points mentioned above.

When you are satisfied with the product, negotiate about the payment and delivery of your used pallets. If delivery entails additional costs, you can pick it up yourself.

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