Best Amsterdam canal cruise

Are you familiar with the feeling of being at ease and warm? It’s that feeling you get when you are in Amsterdam – a sense conviviality. Over five million tourists visit the Dutch Capital every year because of this open-heartedness.  This canal city is often called the Venice of the North. Its rich cultural and artistic history flows through its intricate network of canals, bridges, and canals. An Amsterdam Canal Cruise is a must-see on any trip to Amsterdam. We will guide you through the process before you choose a cruise.

What Makes an Amsterdam Canal Cruise Special?

Amsterdam, today’s capital city, can be traced back at least to the 12th century. The original name of the canal was Aemstelredamme. This was a “dam in river Amstel” that was built by the fishermen who lived on the banks. The name of the canal city changed from Amstelland to Amsterdam in the early 1800’s according to records. Amsterdam entered the Golden Age around the turn of 17th Century. Amsterdam experienced an unprecedented amount of urban expansion due to its maritime success, as well as the boom in trade and commerce.

Prinsengracht (Keizersgracht), Herengracht, Jordaan and Herengracht formed the concentric semicircular canal ring. The canal ring has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations. The canal ring in Amsterdam is comprised of 165 canals. Its combined length exceeds 100 kilometers. These canal networks, which date back to 400 years ago, connect all parts of Amsterdam via more than 1700 bridges. The best way to enjoy Amsterdam’s historical wonders is by cruising along its waterways. We will show you how to choose the right cruise option.

How to Choose the Best Amsterdam Canal Cruise

If you are going to Amsterdam, and want to explore it in its entirety, getting on a canal cruise would be the best bet . However, remember to think some of the factors before making a booking.

Most cruises leave from Stadhouderskade 501, Amsterdam. Booking accommodation near the pier is a good idea if you’re planning to do multiple cruises. Your choice of route may influence the cruise you choose. It is a beautiful place to see the great architecture of the canals.

Time of Day

You can choose from a variety of canal cruise options offered by the various operators. You can see Amsterdam’s architectural splendor in detail on a daytime cruise. If you are looking for a romantic and relaxing night cruise, this is the perfect option.


Amsterdam’s canal cruises cater to all moods. There are casual evenings with pizzas, burgers and other food options as well as relaxing sailings with cocktails or candle-lit dinners. For families with children, there are special canal cruises that cater to them. There are many experiences to be had on the Amsterdam canal cruises.


Amsterdam promises fun, history and lots of entertainment. A combination of both can be combined by taking a canal cruise around Amsterdam. You will also be granted priority access at some of the city’s iconic museums and art galleries.

Other Factors

Amsterdam’s festival calendar is a great way to get involved in local culture. One of Amsterdam’s highlights is the Grachtenfestival, also known as the Canal Festival. The Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival) is a ten day classical music festival held in August. This event is attended by a large crowd in the canals.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises

These are the most popular and economical options, the no frills canal cruises that simply shifts through the canal, showcasing the best of Amsterdam. All you have to do is figure out the time of the day you’d like for the cruise and grab your Amsterdam Canal Cruise tickets. Quick and easy, but oh so worth every penny!

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