What is the Role of Packaging Design in an eCommerce World?

Product packaging is the first point of interaction between a potential customer and the brand. It’s important both offline and online to steal customer attention and keep them hooked. But, exactly how important is packaging?

Let’s take a look…

What is the Role of Packaging Design in eCommerce?

Unforgettable Buying Experience

When we receive gifts on our birthdays, the best part is always opening the package. The actual gift may not be as exciting. But, just the act of unwrapping the paper and bows creates a powerful memory. The whole experience is unforgettable.

Think of your packaging as part of giving the user an unforgiving buying experience.

Make sure the whole experience is memorable and enjoyable. For example, if you sell liquor, go with custom spirits packaging. Tie a ribbon. Leave a custom message or a thank you card. Give first-time users a free goody.

Grabs Customer Attention

Whether you talk about supermarket aisles or online inventory, brands are generally competing with thousands of other products. And so, sometimes adding a pop of color, stylizing the shape of the product, or having that allure of graphics could make or break the deal. After all, humans are visual creatures. We love things that look appealing, expensive, and intriguing.

Exploit that human psychology to your advantage. Create a packaging that makes you stand out from the rest. Study how colors impact buying decisions and how shapes tie into your specific brand and product genre. You may be surprised how some shapes may increase your sales more than others.

Prevents Product Damage

This one sounds like a no-brainer but it bears repeating. Although sturdy packaging is crucial for all kinds of products; it’s particularly important for fragile and food items.

Make sure the package is temperature-controlled and is not easy to tamper with. Be sure to put fragile labels on delicate items. Use a ton of bubble wrap to give an additional layer of security.

Make sure that even though the packaging is sturdy, it doesn’t look sophisticated and panache. Customers should get the idea that you didn’t comprise style and appearance for safety. For a more creative solution, you might want to try using 3D printing on eCommerce packaging.

Enhances Your Branding

A custom label along with the brand name and logo can make you stand out from other names in the industry. It also offers a distinct value for the brand. In the end, all brands can use a little extra nudge towards free branding.

Make sure that the packaging offers all the essential information about the product and additional details. Give all the details like manufacturing date, expiry date, usage and storage instructions, etc.

Be sure to use high-quality printing and unique materials. Roll the product out with paper printed with your brand logo or added recall value. If possible, go with eco-friendly packaging and say so on the package. Anything that gives your brand an edge will be a good thing. Customers love brands that follow eco-friendly practices.

Encourage Sharing on Social Media

Today, every user is an influencer. They love sharing on social media everything they brought whether it’s a plane ticket, a movie ticket, or a new watch. Make sure that your packaging is worth sharing on Instagram and Facebook.

People love to show off sophisticated products and packaging. What could be a better way to get the word out about your brand for absolutely free? Use this influencer mindset to your advantage.

It’s a Way to Align With your Brand’s Message

Remember that the outer packaging is the first point of interaction between your brand and the user. It, therefore, allows you to literally take your brand’s message and deliver it physically to the customer.

Think of it this way – of all your marketing efforts, the physical packaging is the one marketing tool that 100% reaches your customer.

So, whether it’s your brand values, unique selling points, business philosophy, or a moral that sets you apart; packaging gives you a great way to shout it out.

First Impressions are Everything

Ever notice why every single delivery box by Amazon item has the company logo all over the packaging? There’s a lot of psychology behind it. Jeff Bezos and his teams understand the power of first impressions. Whatever the customer first sees on the package, ultimately he will associate that name with the product and its quality.

And so, even though Amazon boxes are pretty standard, they are still customized to fit the company goal of always remaining on people’s end. Seeing another brand’s product in an amazon box automatically creates an association in your mind. You link happiness with Amazon. And so, the next time you’re quite likely to go back to Amazon to relive that experience.

As part of the eCommerce world, it’s paramount that you take the outer packaging and appearance seriously. Be sure it leaves a powerful first impression and truly locks the customer’s attention. Whether you admit it or not, first impressions do last.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to packaging than just offering physical protection to the product inside. It tells a story. It shows that the brand is considerate about going the extra mile to impress the customer.