Taking the mess out of translation – automating the localization process

Taking the mess out of translation – automating the localization process

Did you know that more than 75% of internet users prefer websites in their native language and less than 26% of the world’s internet users are English speaking? And did you know that localized content has 6 times more engagement than global content?*
It is a well-known fact that if you’re a global company and you’re not offering translated content, you’re losing out on potential business. Likewise, if you only offer software training in one language for your global teams, you risk negatively affecting the success and ROI of your software implementations.
Although ClickLearn offers templated translations of all user actions, chapters, and notes, any content that you create requires added translation. 
To solve this need, ClickLearn and Andovar have formed a technological partnership bringing a professional translation service into the application – not only at a surprisingly low cost but also with exceptional ease of use. 

About Andovar 

Headquartered in Singapore, Andovar is an international translation and localization firm that specializes in delivering translation services for eLearning & HR, gaming, and technology companies. Their customer base includes Spotify, NetSuite, Uber, and Travelocity.

Andovar uses over 5000 vetted translators from around the globe, ensuring that content is translated professionally, capturing context, nuances, and subtleties correctly.  
“The whole team at Andovar is excited about our collaboration and this great opportunity to provide professional training translation solutions to ClickLearn’s customers. Translation automation is the hot topic in localization these days, and ClickLearn makes the entire process so simple, by providing a translation ecosystem right inside their solution!”, says Steven Bussey, VP of Marketing, Andovar.
While it is impossible to be as fast as instant machine translation, Andovar.com provides a rapid service with professional quality. It supplies quotes instantly, and once you accept the quote; you are kept up to date throughout the process from within ClickLearn Attain. 

Translation projects are messy to manage, but with this new in-app service, ClickLearn takes the mess out of the process. You just click a button to get a quote from Andovar, which arrives almost instantly, once you accept it, you can easily track the status from within the application, and finally, when you receive your translated text, ClickLearn distributes the translations across all your recordings and structures and puts these in the exact right place.  
“This is the first time we are making external services available for our customers inside the ClickLearn application. Having professional translations available at the click of a button can mean a world of difference to many of our global customers.”, says Joachim Schiermacher, CEO, ClickLearn.com.
Just imagine how much time this saves you – now multiply that figure by the number of languages you localize into. ClickLearn has always offered customers great savings in time and money with its multilanguage feature, but with this new in-app service, ClickLearn has taken its Localization module to a whole new level.  


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