Trusted digital development and engineering partner moves into strategy, user experience, and data science, inviting clients to “Let us help you grow, responsibly.”

New York City, London, Denver and Mumbai, January 13th, 2021

With a decade and a half of success and leadership within the B2B digital services industry, the international firm has defined a new vision for itself and its ever more diverse range of clients and sectors. “We’re excited about our future — as a collective of energized team-members — working together to drive actions (“Axions!”) designed to WOW each other and clients alike,”  Co-founder & Managing Partner Libby Swan said.

In addition to their long-standing development and engineering capabilities, the firm has evolved to become a strategic and trusted technology partner, supporting the scale and growth for publicly listed clients in North America and Europe, as well as privately-held companies, ranging from one of the top 5 consulting firms in the world, to up-and-coming funded startups.

Swan announced the addition of strategy, user experience, and data science to the Axioned team’s already-impressive range of digital skill sets. This growth was organically driven by what they saw as an increasing need from their clients and the industry as a whole — the need for a B2B digital services firm with a broader range of offerings and expertise.

To reflect that growth, they’ve rung in the new year with their new name, which they believe accurately reflects their growth to date, and their way forward. The name Axioned is taken from the Greek word “Axio” meaning “worthy,” as in “having the qualities that deserve a specified action or regard.”

Self-proclaimed lovers of technology, Axioned is excited to help their clients embrace and action industry needs being defined by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Swan continued, “Our guiding light remains to WOW our clients and our people through actively supporting the scale and growth of their businesses and their careers.”

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