Tips & Tricks for Fun Winter Boating

Boating is closely related to drinking cold cocktails while sunbathing in bikinis on hot summer days. As many of you already know, boating is mostly a warm-weather activity, hence, all the yachts are firmly anchored during the cold winter days. You might think that your boating days are over for the season as soon as the temperatures drop but think twice. Nobody ever said that it cannot be fun in the cold – you just need to be well prepared. What’s more, this is the place to get the best tips on how to make the most out of your winter boating adventures.

Make sure you find the best broker

Whether you are planning to buy your own yacht or you are looking to have some fun for just a couple of days, make sure you find a reliable and reputable yacht charter broker. Your experience will be so much better if you are in the right hands. Respectable brokers provide services that really add to that luxurious adventure you dream of. Apart from having a professional crew that takes care of everything, you will also save a lot of time and money by having the right broker by your side.

Draw up your routes

Once you are ready to hit the waters, it is time to map out your trip. If you decide to spend some time on the water during the winter, you should consider shortening your routes. Even if you head for your regular destinations, try to have as many stops as possible. The conditions might be different than what you’re used to, so these precautions will surely make you and your crew feel a lot safer.

Dress adequately

Say goodbye to colorful bikinis and welcome the infamous feather jackets on board! There is no need to remind you that if you are sailing in the winter, you will need to wear layers. With that in mind, the must-haves are gloves, hats, and scarves. Bear in mind that the wind is a lot stronger when you are out in the clear waters. Moreover, remember to pack some additional warm clothes just in case you get extra cold.

Make sure your boat is in good shape

Every now and then, you should check with a professional if everything on your boat is working properly. Many unpredictable things could happen, which is why you should always have your motor and other equipment inspected and up-to-date. Before going on any longer or riskier trips, check your yacht for any irregularities, so that you are out of any harm’s way.

Keep your tank full

The last thing you want to happen when you are all alone in the cold is to be out of fuel, especially if the coastline is nowhere to be seen! In order to avoid such an inconvenience, double-check if your tank is topped up. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a couple of gallons of fuel on board, just in case.

Double-check the life jackets

Okay, everyone knows that life jackets are a must whether you’re boating during the summer or winter. However, if there is an emergency and you end up in the water, you are less likely to stay conscious for long if the water is cold. In that case, the life jacket will be the only thing that can get you to stay afloat until help arrives.

Bring friends

Having company is always a good idea – things are always more fun and you make great memories. Having friends and family by your side is therapeutic, as well as useful when you get yourself into some tricky situations. If you have company on your boating adventures, you will surely be more safe and relaxed.

Relax and enjoy

The best advice you can get is to have fun with the people you love and to forget about your everyday worries. Grab a few drinks, preferably warm, festive ones – so that you can feel the winter magic at its best. If you like cooking, you can prepare some comfort food with your loved ones and enjoy tasty meals all day long.


Winter boating can be an exquisite experience if you plan it right. Safety measures are the number one thing you should pay attention to, then warm clothes to keep you comfortable. What are you waiting for? Gather your people and get them to enjoy the cold, winter days in the most luxurious way possible.

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