How many hours should class 4 students spend learning English?

English is the official language of 53 countries and it is the international communication language that is used by 750 million people in the world. 

It is very difficult to teach another language additionally for a non-native speaker, that too for a young age. Though it is hard, it is very important to teach the English language additionally at a young age. Because no one is born by knowing everything in the world. They can learn what they like to have in their life.

If the young age will learn English additionally, then they will be bilingual, which will make students smarter and greater understanding of shapes and patterns.

Importance of learning in English:

As students are living in the globalized world, learning English is very important, and also English is considered the Official Indian language spoken and used for communication commonly. Learning a different language at a young age helps students to have a positive impact on their professional and personal relationships in the future. It also provides values for their educational and intellectual development.

Time plays an important role in learning and it takes time to get to know the language. Since class 4 students spend most of their hours in school, after school they can spend their time learning English. Hence students should spend one hour daily to learn the language effectively. In this article, students will find ways to learn English effectively.

About NCERT class 4 book:

Are  the NCERT Books for Class 4 English good for students? Yes, NCERT English textbooks are important to have for learning the language. The NCERT English book will help the students to grasp the concepts of language easily from a young age. Literary work has been done in the NCERT English book by both Indian and foreign writers so it helps students to learn about the writing styles of the language easily.

Overview of the book:

The Class 4 English book is called Marigold. The book contains poems, stories, motives, and interactive conversations which helps to understand and learn the language easily. NCERT English book helps students to learn English most simply and easily. 

The book encourages students to stay happy in life and teaches the students different topics such as how hard work makes you successful, troubles and happiness in life, the power of words and their usages, and motivational stories.

NCERT Class 4 Marigold book is used to learn English by using stories, playing games, and having fun. Pictures are used in the book to grab students’ attention and make them learn English interestingly. Students should understand the English language importance, due to this, the book has been designed in such a way to learn the students easily.

Reasons for having NCERT book for learning:

NCERT English book is perfect for young age because literature used in the book helps students to understand the chapter easily and also it gives a way to learn a language. Stories and poems are used in the book which is more helpful and interesting and also students can learn the literature of the language. Literature enhances the students’ culture, society, and fundamental principles.

Makes attention and interest:

If the book has amazing pictures and beautiful illustrations then students can learn the English language easily with much interest. Book design helps the students to read and grasp their attention completely. Students’ imagination power and concentration are improved so that they can speak the language without any embarrassment. 

Improves students’ Mental health:

If a young person learns English as a second language then they become bilingual. When learning the language additionally from a young age, has an incredible effect on their brain, in particular Cerebral development. Due to this, students’ concentration and problem-solving skills will be improved effectively. Also, learning helps the students to multitask, be more attentive, connect the concepts quickly, and have more memory power.

Easy learning:

If the English book has enough pictures and illustrations then students can learn the language quickly in the simplest way. The book should use simple and easy sentences so that the students can learn the language from the book. It helps the students to understand the writer’s idea easily without any confusion.  Students will come to know about the literature which provides the idea of language so that the class 4 students will know about different cultures and their educational and intellectual development can be improved.

Class 4 students will develop an excellent understanding of cultural diversity and they will be able to communicate with other people easily without any hesitation. Class 4 students will be able to have more vocabulary to speak if they use the English book to learn the language and also be Master the language at a young age.

Importance of spending time to learn English for Class 4 students:

After school, students will concentrate a lot on learning the English language. Students can spend one hour learning English. Time is a precious one so students should spend it effectively. Students should learn the language without affecting their studies. 

If the class 4 students learn English then their cognitive development will be much improved and also they can be smarter, bilingual, and multitaskers. Proficiency will also be increased at a young age. 

If the students learn the English language additionally then they will have a bright future. Because English is considered the third most spoken language in the world and the most perfect language at a professional level. 

Class 4 students will acquire confidence and self-belief when they are learning English. Also, it helps students to grow their level in the job market in the future. Hence, It is the most welcome decision to spend time additionally to learn the English language for Class 4 students.


Class 4 students are young, so they don’t get embarrassed about anything hence it is a perfect time to learn English. English can be taught by playing games, telling stories, singing songs, poems, etc. so that the students can learn English easily. Also, the NCERT book plays an important role in learning English as it creates attention and interest to learn.