Early Childhood Learning Centre: 5 Critical Right Brain Skills

Is your child’s education developing their entire brain? Scientists often refer to the “left brain” as the side used for logic, math, language, etc. This aspect is an important one because children should know specific facts before graduating to the next grade.

However, an early childhood learning centre can also help to develop a child’s “right brain” that’s related to factors like creativity, imagination, and intuition. Primary schools make up nearly 60% of Australian students up to Grade 12. Here are some of the most critical right-brain skills they can learn:

Photographic Memory

We often use this term to refer to people who can remember visual info in great detail. In fact, some people have an incredible memory like in the movie Rain Man. However, it’s also possible for children to improve this memory by developing certain brain regions.

A learning centre can help kids to develop these skills. This important skill of a good memory can provide various benefits not only in school, but also later in their personal and work lives.


We often say that someone has a “vivid imagination.” It turns out it’s possible to develop imaging through various techniques.

While imagination can refer to general creativity, it also refers to mental imaging, which involves picturing an image in your mind.

This could include hearing a song in your mind to remember lyrics, or remembering how your childhood home, school, or neighbourhood looked.

Scientists believe that imagination could be a human-only ability. It allows kids to explore objects and ideas that aren’t in their current environment.


Studies show that the arts are part of the lives of 98% of Australians, according to The Conversation. The arts, including painting, music, and dance, are some of the various ways that children can develop creativity. This skill is basically about turning new and game-changing ideas into reality.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein argued that imagination is more important than knowledge. Children can develop their creativity and imagination through sources like learning centres. This skill is different from learning scientific rules, math formulas, and historical dates.


While it’s argued some people have a sixth sense, everyone has intuition that they can develop. For example, sometimes we have a “gut feeling” that there’s something wrong with a particular situation. Children can also develop their instincts and intuition at learning centres.

Intuition can be very important in terms of safety. For example, children can learn skills to help them pick up bad vibes around a person or in a certain situation. This can help to keep them safe and avoid accidents, for example.

These skills can also help people to make good decisions. While it’s important to consider facts, we can also learn to listen to our “inner voice” to check if it shows our logic is correct or incorrect.


Studies show that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has boosted compassion and empathy across Australia. While sympathy can help children feel sorry for someone else, empathy actually puts them in their shoes.

This is a critical skill and especially in today’s digital world of cyber-bullying and social media shaming. It’s important for children to learn the importance of trying to understand other kids’ situation and feelings. A learning centre can help to develop these skills.

While today’s Australian schools often focus on left-brain skills, early education students can also learn right-brain skills at an early childhood learning centre. This includes different ones like creativity, intuition, and empathy. These skills provide whole-brain education for your number one kid.

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