How to Choose the Best Printer for SMEs

How to Choose the Best Printer for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have seen an upward growth in the last decade, and although the amount of SMEs decreased in 2020, there are still over 200 million of these enterprises worldwide. 

While these enterprises are fairly small in scale, they still require the essential equipment needed by any business, especially if these businesses are being run from a home office. An overlooked but vital piece of equipment for any business is a printer. 

Choosing the best printer requires a good understanding of the needs of the business, alongside knowing how much you can spend on printing costs without hurting your SME. By purchasing the right printer, your SME will already be set on the right path.

Why Does Your SME Need a Printer?

You might think the printers are no longer necessary due to the fact that many actions are performed digitally on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. While many businesses have and should shift to the digital sphere, printers are still a vital component for any business, but some businesses might need to rely on them more than others. 

Technology is the way forward, but problems could occur, data could be corrupted and files could be lost. You should always print vital documents in case of emergencies such as this, as having hard copies is always better for security reasons.

 If your SME needs posters, vouchers, brochures, notices, and photographs, then a good quality printer is essential. While it might not seem necessary at first, printers are still an extremely useful piece of tech for your small enterprise. 

What To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Printer For Your SME

The printing industry has grown and is still growing, with many developments being made. While these developments and trends are great to see for the industry as a whole, they can make the process of purchasing the right printer overwhelming, as there are so many good options. There are certain factors you need to take into account before you make the final purchase. 

The Functionality of The Printer 

While all printers nowadays can perform the basic task of printing documents, if your SME just requires a printer for such a task, then there is no point in purchasing the most expensive high-quality printer that can print A3 posters at a quick rate. That would not be the wisest choice for your business. If you only require the most basic printer, then purchasing something like the Samsung ML or any small laser printer, which is compact and small would be the best choice.

However, if your SME requires a lot of printing, from many wireless devices and for posters and clear images, purchasing a more advanced and higher quality inkjet printer would definitely be more worth it. It is all subjective, depending on the needs of your SME. 

Costs of The Ink and Toner Cartridges

When starting and running your SME, you need to be aware of the expenses of your enterprise. While the printer you purchase will be a one-time expense, the toner and ink cartridges are a running cost that will add up depending on the volume of printing. 

Original printer cartridges, such as Samsung Cartridges can be fairly expensive, so you might want to consider purchasing a printer that can use compatible cartridges manufactured by a third party for a cheaper price. Samsung toner cartridges and their compatible versions are available at CartridgeSave and you can compare the prices there to see what the best option is for your business. 

Right now, one of the best-selling cartridges is a Compatible Samsung MLT-D1042S Black Toner Cartridge for £29.98, whereas the original Samsung toner costs £55.46. The difference in costs is significant and it might be worth it, considering compatible cartridges have positive reviews on Cartridge Save. Your printer will also dictate the type of cartridge you need to purchase, so that must also be taken into account. 

Page Yield and Sustainability 

The page yield is very important when it comes to printers, as your SME needs to ensure that there is value in the printer and cartridge being purchased. Some cartridges are high capacity, meaning that they have a greater page yield, such as the Samsung 506 High Capacity Color Toner (with a compatible version available). 

While these might be more expensive, the page yield is worth it, as this toner has a yield of 6,000 pages for black and 3,500 for color. 

You also want to ensure the printer you purchase is sustainable and of good quality so that your SME does not run into any repair hassles. If it will be used often, maintenance is crucial, and if you want your SME to be environmentally friendly, investing in a printer that is energy efficient would be the best option.

Final Takeaway

Taking all of these considerations into account will highlight the best printer for your SME in a market that is filled to the print with many different brands and options. With the right printer, your SME will be able to perform and it will be well-equipped for any necessary needs.